Pose with a purpose

Last time I was in Lubbock, one of Taylor's last remaining pairs of jeans got a hole in them. I've been trying to convince him since this summer that he really needs more than three pairs of jeans, but he was still refusing. So I took matters into my own hands and got the style and size from his pants so that I could begin the hunt for new jeans.

I soon discovered though that Taylor's preferred style of jeans was discontinued in the 2006-2007 time frame. Which obviously means that Taylor hasn't bought new jeans in 3 years. After this discovery, we decided that we could just look around Del Rio while I was in town this past weekend. Unfortunately the choices in the Plaza del Sol mall are limited so we left empty handed. Taylor was ok with this because he still has a pair of jeans left. They have a hole in the back pocket though so I thought I would continue with the search online.

Which leads me to the real reason for this post. As much fun as it is to make fun of Taylor for only owning one pair of jeans and for making the claim that once he finds a pair he likes, he is going to stock up on them, I can't fault him for being...frugal.

Anyways, I was continuing my search and as I looked through all the pictures of men in jeans, I started to laugh because of all the...stances.

Most of which included the awkward "weight on one leg and my thumb in a pocket"

Seriously, what is with the one thumb in the back pocket? These poses remind me of the awkward teenager standing in the corner at a party.

How about a power stance people? At least put both hands on your hips like you mean it.

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