Life in between

I think I've beat the "we don't have a place to live" horse dead about five times over already. But lucky for you, I'm still talking about it! Woohoo!

We are going on month two of temporary living. Certainly not our longest stretch in a hotel, but last time around we knew that once our certain number of days were up, we had a place to live waiting on us. 

Not this time. 

Will we buy a house? Will we rent an apartment? Who even knows. We're at the point in our house search where we have seen every house available on the market. So now we sit and wait for new houses to pop up. 

We put offers on two so far and have been outbid. The second (and my absolute very favorite that I cannot stop thinking about) was way overpriced and we weren't willing to give in. 

I say "we" when really I mean Taylor. I am such an emotional buyer that I would have given every penny they asked if it meant I got the house. Luckily I married the right guy.

Anyway, for now at least we are in an apartment. With a separate bedroom! And more than one place to sit! And I don't have to pay six dollars for laundry! 

The one thing I didn't realize in our recent move is that unlike the hotel, our apartment doesn't come with an endless supply of toilet paper. When did I come to this realization? Midnight. So lovely. 

The most frustrating (and giant first world problem) is that we have only warm weather clothes with us. Neither one of us can stand the thought of buying things we already own so we are holding out as long as possible and hoping the warm weather sticks around. The thought that really hurts the most is that I don't have my fall boots! How am I supposed to acknowledge that it's fall outside if I can't shove my pants into cute brown boots? Heartbreaking. 

We are starting to settle into a nice routine. (If you know Taylor you know that he isn't content until there's a routine set.) I decided to start getting up with Taylor so we can have breakfast together. (Cue the gags, I know.) Then he goes to work and I do things like watching 47 million YouTube videos of photoshop tutorials. (When else am I going to have literally nothing else to do with my time? Might as well use it wisely!) Then, Taylor comes home and we have a healthy dinner of sandwiches and we watch our nightly shows. We even brought our TiVo. It's so ridiculous, I know. BUT totally worth it to us goobers. How else would Taylor be able to watch Ellen every day? 

In jersey we had a four tuner TiVo but we have had to switch back to our old two tuner because of blah blah technology and cable requirements. I don't really know why, but Taylor has had to make some serious sacrifices on the shows he watches. (If only survivor had gotten the axe...)

Anyway. We are obviously ready to be somewhere more permanent, but are enjoying this rare moment in time in a tiny apartment with none of our junk and just the two of us. Life is never boring! 

P.S. I have really tried to get my parentheses use under control but I just have so many side notes to tell you! My apologies. 

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Emily Gentry said...

Hang in there. Just the right place is going to come along. I'm praying for you.

And girl! You need your boots!


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