The Atticus Post

I can't believe it's already been a week since we were in College Station. I meant to write this post like a hundred million times but somehow this past week flew by before I knew what happened.

I have been dying to get back to see Vic and Sarah since the last time I saw them in May and then once Taylor got to visit them on his cross country, I had to make it happen. I am so glad I gave Taylor no choice and that we were able to make this trip happen.

So far, Vic and Sarah are the closest of all our favorite people to see. My parents live 6.5 hours away, Taylor's live 5.5 hours from here and everyone else lives in different states. We thought our drive would be easy peasy lemon squeezy BUT what we did not account for was the Friday afternoon 5:00 traffic in San Antonio through New Braunfels. We kept looking for a construction zone or an accident that would have caused SO MUCH traffic but all we ran into were some cars parked on the shoulder waiting out the nightmare. Taylor and I have always agreed that we will never live in a big city. All the Target stores in the world could not convince me to sit in that much traffic.

Also another minor snag in our drive was a teensy prank from our friend, Craig. Let's just say there were some wires crossed and SOMEBODY decided to play along and make Taylor think he had to stay for a late afternoon meeting. No worries because just 10 minutes later, we got it all straightened out. Taylor did however make Craig feel bad when he told him we had already driven 30 miles down the road and came all the way back once we got his message. We were actually only in the driveway so that was super funny.

Once we got to Vic and Sarah's, the baby loving began. I pretty much hogged poor Atticus the entire weekend and I'm not sorry at all. He is so cuddly and even when he toots, he is my favorite baby around.


P.S. I made that onesie for Atticus and Taylor totally tried to take credit for it because it had a plane. Um I don't think so Mister!

On Saturday, Whitney, Sarah and I ventured out to find Atticus some cute A&M clothes to get ready for football season while Vic and Taylor took Atticus on a Man-Trip to Lowes and Home Depot. We asked for pictures of somebody pushing a stroller or Taylor with the baby sling but nobody came through for us. I heard they took turns pushing the stroller though. 

Before the guys left, Taylor tried out some of Atticus's slings. I think he outgrew this one...


Taylor's tasks from Vic for the weekend was to install a new fan and solve his squirrel/armadillo problem. He got the fan put up but the rodents were too sneaky to be caught this time around. 

Even though Vic and Whitney cooked us up some excellent meals, we had to make a stop at Wing's N More. It was delicious as always. I miss you College Station!


Also during the weekend, Atticus rolled over by himself for the first time. We got it all on video and both Vic and Sarah were able to be home at the same time to see it! So exciting! I gave him extra some kisses because I was so proud. 

We were so sad to leave on Sunday. Luckily, the trip isn't too long so we were able to have lunch and hang out a bit before we headed out. Atticus loves tv so Taylor and I let him hang out with us on the couch while his mom and dad got ready for the day. What a big boy!


We had such a great time visiting with the Seidels, Whitney, and Katrina. Kirsten and Katie even came into town! It was the perfect weekend to visit. Minus the fact that the weekend was only two days long. I would have preferred like 5 days. 
Ok, here's some more pictures...because I never post pictures and now I have a million.
DSC03373 DSC03393 DSC03410 DSC03409 DSC03416 DSC03408

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Emily said...

Hi! Saw your comment on Blue Eyed Bride and wanted to say hi. We're Aggies, too!


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