Weekends are good

I went all of May, June, and July without a sunburn. Seriously. I was so proud of myself. I even almost made it through August before I got cocky and broke my streak.

Last weekend, a friend came into town on his way to San Antonio and stayed for a couple of nights. We took him out to our new favorite hangout, the Rio. Before, when we wanted to float the river, he headed to the "Bean Dip" where we had to think skinny to get through some of the low spots and always keep our eyes out for Bean Dippers jumping off of bridges overhead. Then, Taylor's class sponsors introduced us to the real river in town. Much better. We are usually the only ones on the water, and once you get used to the "refreshing" temperature, it is quite nice.

Anyways, back to last weekend. I swear I put sunscreen on. We did not have any of the spray kind this week though, so I chose not to reapply the lotion halfway through the float. Ugh, next time I'll suck it up and deal with the lotion! Baby steps people. Also, remember those pictures of my last sunburn and the weird tan lines? Still there. Except that it looks like I've got a skin disease now. My parents made me cover my arms because they said it grossed them out. Thanks family.

It's funny how when I get a sunburn, I cannot imagine what my skin felt like before and wonder if it will ever feel better again. Dramatic, I know. Don't worry though, this morning I forgot it even happened.

I finally got some good river pictures, but they aren't on my phone which means I'll never get around to uploading them. When will someone invent e-mail on a camera so I can just automatically upload them to flickr and my computer? Also, when will I stop looking for ways to make myself more lazy?

I love weekends. Lots of Taylor time, movies, eating food I don't have to cook, and usually a trip to the river. This coming weekend is going to be a good one as well. We are College Station bound on Friday so that I can squeeze some baby cheeks and Taylor can fix all of Vic's electronics around his house. I can't wait. Whitney will also be in town which is awesome because we haven't seen her since the last time we were in College Station together. IN JANUARY.

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