So. I am home from home. That sounds silly but I don't know how else to describe it. I guess Frost is still technically home, but Del Rio is starting to feel pretty permanent so I consider this home too now.

My flight into Dallas was pretty uneventful. Although there was a child in front of me who kept threatening her dad that she was going to drop his laptop if he didn't start listening to her. Good luck with her in about 10 years, parents! It sounds like you area already doing a fantastic job.

Also, when I got to the San Antonio airport before my flight, I had to go to the bathroom reallyreally bad and found out that they were having serious plumbing issues and there were no bathrooms. That was awesome.

Mom picked me up from the airport (after rear-ending someone...don't tell Dad!) and we met a couple of her friends from college for lunch at quite possibly the best Mexican food place I've ever eaten. Incidentally, the founder was also the inventor of the margarita machine. Me + Marianos = truluv4evr.

Oh, and we also stopped on our way home and saw The Help. Have you read the book? If not, get on that yesterday and then go see the movie. I laughed, I cried, and then I almost stayed to watch it again.

I can't remember what happened on Friday, except that I know I slept late and Mom made me a PBJ so it was obviously a success. Oh, and we went to Chili's where I ate my weight in food. I might have gotten a little tipsy on a long island iced tea as well. Classy!

Saturday was Jesse's first football scrimmage. I didn't really pay too much attention because my job was just to show up. Nobody told me to know the outcome. Is there even an outcome in a scrimmage? The team they were playing had the same color scheme so I gave up trying to figure out who was who. Bad big sister, I know.

After the scrimmage, Dad and Jesse ditched me for a rodeo so I got to spend some time hanging out by myself. Which means that I definitely raided the junk food. I am glad that I don't have anything like that in mine or Taylor's pantries because I would eat it all day long. Every day.

My dad and brother are big chick flick fans. Weird, right? Sundays are the chick flick lover's dream because there are a million of them playing all day long. Dad can't sit still very long so he would come in and out all throughout the movies and start asking questions. Hearing my dad ask about Sweet Home Alabama and The Holiday and my brother responding with who was in love with who was probably the highlight of my weekend.

Sunday was also my brother's 18th birthday. I can't believe he's old enough to be 18. I feel like someone who still only eats Oreos and Dr. Pepper shouldn't be allowed to be an adult yet.

Since I am poor, I decided to make dinner for Jesse's birthday instead of a gift. Also, I forgot to get a gift. I made tomato-blue cheese pasta and even though there was much groaning at the name from two family members who shall not be named, everyone loved it. You're welcome, family. Horizons broadened.

While I was in town, I was reminded of one of my least favorite parts of summer. Grasshoppers. Since we don't have any (I don't think) in Del Rio, I had forgotten they even existed. I HATE grasshoppers. I know that being 22 years old means I shouldn't scream when one lands on me. But I do.

I'm glad that I chose to fly in on a Thursday and fly out on a Monday because it gave me the entire weekend to spend with my family. As I was leaving, Mom told me she wants me to come back at least once a month. I do miss my family, but the plan was to move to Del Rio so I didn't have to travel as much. Duh, Mom.

The only pictures I have from the weekend are of Jesse blowing out his candles and I forgot to comb my hair or get dressed in matching clothes so those won't be seeing the light of day.

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