Our New TV Mount from Dynamic Mounting

When Taylor and I moved into our new house, one of the first things we decided to DIY/accomplish was mounting "Big Carl" aka, Taylor's TV over the fireplace. The fireplace is about 5 feet tall so when we put our TV (with its stand) on top, we ended up watching TV with hurting necks. Taylor got to work doing what he does best and searching for a solution.

Our requirements were:

A) Hold our giant TV and move down to a normal viewing angle
B) Be able to come out over the width of our fireplace

Enter the Dynamic Mounting "Down and Out" Mount. After reading every review on the interwebs and making countless measurements, we ordered our kit and crossed our fingers that this would be our solution.

We ordered a separate piece that we ended up returning because our center channel speaker didn't have the correct holes to attach to it.  Kurt at Dynamic Mounting was great about returning the bracket and responded to our email very quickly. Awesome customer support!

Taylor's first step was to measure the spacing above the fireplace necessary for up and down movement with painters tape. The tape made it easy to mark on the wall without actually marking on the wall. (Something that would have been nice to know before being asked to make a measurement mark. Not that I am guilty of such offense.)

Next, more adjustments with the spacing as well as creating this handy template that mimicked the swing pattern of the bracket. (Basically, we were able to practice mounting the TV and make sure it cleared the fireplace without actually nailing anything into the wall and holding up the bracket for an extended period of time.)

Step three-ish was the actual drilling for the extra wall support brackets (we purchased these separately due to the wall stud locations above our fireplace). These allowed us to have our TV centered over the fireplace. This step was pretty easy, but be sure to have a level handy!

Once the support brackets were in place, we installed the mount and then adjusted the tension so that it would stay put while we placed the TV onto the mount. This is also when we had an honest discussion about my needing to join a gym. I will have you know though that I succeeded in lifting half of a TV over my head onto the mount (but just barely).

After removing the TV's base and then securing it to the mount, we were finished!

The actual force required to move the TV between its positions is quite reasonable thanks to the great design of the tension support and how much adjustability it offers.  The mount is very sturdy and well constructed and it's obvious that great care was taken in its design.

Our entire experience with Dynamic Mounting was wonderful. Like I said earlier, we had to return one part that wasn't a perfect fit for what we needed (through our own error) and the return was fast and painless. If we had another fireplace and another big TV to mount, we would absolutely make another purchase! Since we don't though, I figured we should just tell all our friends instead!

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