In case you haven't heard...

Yesterday was the last day of September which marked six months of marriage for Taylor and me! Taylor says 6 months doesn't count as a real anniversary so let it be known that I am "noting" six months of marriage instead of "celebrating". It's all about compromise!

I want to get back to regular documentation of our adventures, but I didn't really know how to just skip over our recent happenings. I think I've tried to write this post six or seven times only to erase everything and close the computer.

For those of you who don't know, while we were in California, Taylor was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

I didn't know how to write about this without A: making it all about me, or B: over-sharing. We don't mind talking about it and answering questions in real life, but putting everything on the interwebs forever just doesn't feel right. Like I said though, I felt so weird just skipping over everything and continuing to blog without even addressing it.

Right now, we are just focusing on keeping Taylor healthy and figuring out what the future holds for us. And in case there was any doubt, rest assured that Taylor is dominating this diagnosis like he does everything else. I am so proud of his attitude and his faith throughout all of this. I of course have been doing enough worrying for the both of us.

It's hard to see God's plan right now, but we (especially me) are doing our best to trust and let go of the worry that comes with so many uncertainties. I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate the calls, texts, prayers, etc that our friends have provided. We knew we had great friends, but HOLY COW, you guys. It's times like this when I want to gather all of our loved ones up in one place and give them all hugs. I know we just did that at our wedding, but I'm going to need it at least twice a year from now on.

Besides the obvious figuring out our new path in life, we have also been pretty busy getting settled into our new home on the East Coast!

(We absolutely love it here and everyone has been so amazing and welcoming to us. We are so thankful that God put us exactly where we needed to be in a time like this.)

We have unpacked pretty much everything, but are still missing a few essentials. Like a dining room table and a bed. (No big deal, right?) Taylor is building both of those though so we should be good to go shortly! The important thing is that we have our TiVo and Big Carl set up. Priorities, people.

The List of Craig has become our new BFF over the past month. I got the sweetest piece of furniture ever and I'm not even really sure what it's purpose is. Once I clear the boxes out of the office, I will show it off. I'm now on the hunt for the exact same buffet that my mom has in her house. If I could figure out how to sneak it out of the house and onto a plane, I totally would. I'll just have to settle petting it until I get my own, though.

I think I'll leave the rest of the updates for another post. Feel free to call us if you want to know more about Taylor! We love you all more than words can express!


paigebailey88 said...

We are so sad to hear about this Mary. Ill have Jacob call Taylor later. You guys are in our prayers. Love you both.

Cassie Thompson said...

Hi Mary! Just checking out your blog. Hope you are adjusting to your new normal and that Taylor is doing well.


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