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Am I the only person on Earth who despises grocery shopping? Although I hate how it all costs money, my biggest gripe is that I can't ever find anything! I just have to wander through the aisles hoping to find everything on my list. This usually causes major impulse buying. Because I have no self control and apparently an endless bank account.

For example: does it make sense that the syrup is on the same aisle as PART of the candy and not with the pancake mix? Not to me. Also, why are there two candy aisles? And why is there a rotisserie chicken stand in the checkout line instead of where they sell cut meat? NO SENSE

Someone needs to invent something that you could enter your grocery list into and it would tell you what aisle it's on. Of course that would cut out a lot of impulse buying for people like me. And we all know that Wal-Mart would never put convenience over making money. 

ANYWAYS, the whole point of this post was so I could brag about my newly discovered love for cooking. Before, I always got a little lightheaded when I even thought of breaking out a pan or being near the kitchen. I've had some disasters in my day. 

Fortunately, Taylor and his roommate have agreed to let me experiment with my cooking. So far no one has gotten sick or had to throw anything away so I guess I would consider it a success. 

So far I've made:

*Bacon wrapped sliders with BBQ sauce --These were ah-mazing. And we had enough for leftovers for a couple of days!

*Bruschetta pasta - I got a double thumbs up from Taylor with this. He took all the leftovers and wouldn't share.
*Red Velvet cake - This was Taylor's Mamaw's recipe. I was NERVOUS to make this because of how hard I heard it was, but I suceeded and Taylor said it tasted just like he remembered. I have to give all the credit to his cousin, Kristi though and my friend Callen. Kristi provided some really helpful hints and Callen helped me with the cooked icing!
*Something else that I can't remember (Last week was a long time ago, y'all)
*Airplane shaped sugar cookies -- I am not sure I will ever make these again. Between the icing and the cookies, I worked for 4 hours. FOUR hours. It took a lot of strength to stay focused on this project. Cooking is not something you can get bored with and come back to later. They turned out really cute, but I did not feel fireworks when I ate them so I'm not sure I would do it again.

If you have any recipes that are your favorites...please share them with me!

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