A few engagement randoms

I wouldn't be LBMM if I didn't include some random stories from our engagement!

*It poured on the day of our engagement. It also rained the day we met so I'm taking it as one more sign that we were just meant to be together forever!

*After Taylor proposed and we were driving back to Vic and Sarah's house, I finally remembered to call my mom and dad. They were both really excited for us but Mom just wanted to know whether or not I cried when it happened. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Mom! Taylor just proposed!"

Mom: "Oh that's so great! Did you cry? How did he do it?"

Me: "He took me to the 202 building where we met."

Mom: "Well, did you cry? I would have cried."

*When I sent my family a picture of the ring, my brother replied, "well it makes your man hands look smaller so that's a plus." He deserves a punch to the stomach next time I see him for that. I mean, little brothers are so awesome!

*I walked into the house to show Vic my new bling and in all of the excitement, poor Atticus got startled and started crying.

*Later, our friend Katerina came over because our original plans had been to watch some movies for the night. Vic told us to think of a funny way to tell her that we were engaged, but the only thing I could come up with was to just see how long it took her to notice the sparkly rock on my hand. I did everything I could think of to put it directly in her eyesight but nothing was working. I remembered that the Lion King movie Taylor and I just bought was labeled "Diamond Edition" for some reason so I decided to hand Katerina the DVD and tell her it was the diamond edition and see if she noticed my hand. She just looked and me and obliviously said, "ok....why is it called that?" I was trying so hard not to laugh so I had to end the joke soon. I just said, "I don't really know, but I do know that there's another diamond on my hand!"

Lots of jumping and yelling later, we managed to startle Atticus for the second time in only an hour. I really hope he isn't traumatized through all of this.

*The night before Taylor proposed, we had actually been talking about the night we met and all the funny stories. I had no idea what was to come the next day!

*During our sushi date, I unsuccessfully tried to stuff an entire piece of sushi in my mouth. Looking back, I'm really surprised Taylor actually went through with proposing after that fine moment of class. Maybe I should take an etiquette class before our wedding. I would hate to do something like that again.

*I am so glad we got to celebrate with the same people who brought us together in the beginning.

And now I must plan. Toodles!


The Seidel Family said...

Love love love this! We were so happy to be there when you met and when you got engaged! Can't wait for the big day!! We love you both!

Sarah & Jeff Montgomery said...

How exciting, Mary!! Congratulations!! :) Jeff and I have some news as well! We are moving to London and are super excited! I just updated my blog (it's been over a year!), so check it out if you'd like. :)


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