Fun times in Del Rio

Ok so I'm going to catch my blog up on all happenings between our engagement and now. So put your reading pants on and get ready. It might be really long. Or I could get bored and cut it short with a promise to continue later. Who really knows where this might go.

At the end of October, we went to a wine party. It was lots of fun to get dressed up and dance to Britney Spears and Spice Girls. It brought back so many memories of my childhood. The songs, not the wine. That would be disturbing.

{Hanging out with our good friends, Craig and Angela}

 {Our host for the evening!}

{This was mid-Britney. We got a little excited. Also, please take note that we are the only ones dancing.}

In early November, we went to another wine party. This sounds like how we spend all of our weekends, but it's not. These are just the only times I bring out my camera. Also, this is the only picture I have where all four of us are together. And where Taylor and I are together. Someone took my camera midway through the party and I ended up with lots of pictures of people I don't know. 

{Next up was Thanksgiving! I spent a few days at my parents house and then headed to Lubbock with Taylor for actual Thanksgiving day. We did lots of relaxing and eating as usual and even got to see Joe Ely in concert!}

 {The great whipped cream debacle of 2011. You can't see it but Kristofer was covered in it. It's not really a Verett Thanksgiving until someone makes the whipped cream canister explode.}

{Happy 24th Birthday to Taylor! We celebrated on a weeknight at Chili's. A true Del Rio celebration.}

{It wasn't a birthday present, but Taylor bought himself a new truck! We call her Black Betty Deux or Black Betty Deuce. Her name hasn't been finalized yet, but she is an exact copy of his first truck, just updated!}

{My school gave out lanyards to teachers as Christmas presents this year. I guess that living by the border makes people assume the spanish version of your name. I have corrected them about a million times, but I still received this. I didn't know whether to be upset that my school doesn't know my name or laugh because this is pretty typical of personalized gifts that I've received. I decided to laugh because in a few months it won't really matter anyways. I'll have a brand new name!}

{I found my wedding shoes this past weekend! I know this is not important news whatsoever, but I love them so much that I felt the need to post this picture.}

So, that's all the events I have in pictures which basically means these are the only events that took place in the past two months. I'm only kidding. I just can't remember anything else. I'll be back soon with something fun. Maybe. If something fun happens. 

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