Budweiser and Jelly Belly Tours!

A couple of days after we arrived in California, we discovered that there was a Budweiser plant AND a Jelly Belly plant literally just down the road from base. Taylor loves beer and I love sweets so naturally this was an easy decision. Oh, and they were F-R-E-E so that made it even better!

We started the day at Budweiser. I think they run tours about every 30-45 minutes so we just showed up and hung out in a reception-like room with a bar. Then, the bartender announced that we would each get two samples of any beer we wanted! Beer and I aren't really friends, so I offered to DD for the guys while they drank not only their two beers, but mine as well. 

As everyone was finishing up their samples, we got a little Bud history. Just like I said when we visited the Coke museum, we were quite surprised at how much we don't know about yet another iconic brand! Our tour guide was very knowledgable and answered Taylor's best questions.

Our tour started by taking us through what used to be the bottling part of the plant. They only put out cans at this plant now! 

Then, we got to go into a room with giant tanks. I couldn't really hear the tour guide and I don't really know much about beer so I'm not sure what was going on in the tanks. Maybe fermentation? 

You know Taylor and I had to find a reason to look like goobers! We are wearing GIANT safety glasses. I didn't really mind them, but Taylor thought they were outrageous.

After we took pictures and pretended to drink out of the spouts on the sides of the tanks our tour was over. I think Taylor learned quite a bit and we got two free beers out of the deal so we counted it as a success! Plus, if we wanted to do a more in-depth tour later on, they offered those as well. Taylor already has it on his calendar!

My husband, pretending to pick a horse's nose. This is why I married him! 

After our tour at Budweiser, we drove just a couple of miles down the road to the Jelly Belly plant!

We got sweet hats and Taylor thought I looked especially cute so he took a picture. I was sad because photography wasn't allowed on the tour and that they weren't making any beans that day! Bummer.

Even without the bean making, we thought it was pretty great. They have videos and bits of trivia throughout the whole process that made it worth going. Plus, we got free samples of the jelly beans through the different stages of development. Since I can't show you pictures, you'll just have to trust me and make it part of your next trip to California!

Once our tour was over, we got a free sample and we got to go down to their store and try any of the flavors we wanted! 

Right before the tour, we posed with a larger version of this Jelly Bean, but they wanted to charge us something outrageous to buy it so we improvised and took one of our own. Boys sure are silly!

We were so excited to see the plant in action that we actually went back a couple of weeks later! Our tour guide the second time around wasn't as great. She actually forgot to play any videos and kept getting so confused about her talking points that she would just trail off and move onto the next station. I think that going while the plant was down actually helped us listen to our tour guide the first time around!

We enjoyed our experiences at both plants and I'm currently trying to figure out a way to get a floor tour at the Jelly Belly factory! (We saw people doing it, so I know it's possible!)

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