Serious Case of the Monday's

So usually when Monday rolls around it means that work and/or school starts again . . .which is depressing enough as it is; however, this Monday was just plain U-G-H. Not only did I have to fly back yesterday from Colorado, but I also had to start a brand new summer session of school and go back to work. And I stumped my toe.
And it's not even over yet . . .
But anyways, I will quit the grump for now.
I had such a fantastic time once again in Colorado! But do you know what didn't happen? Taylor and I didn't get one single picture together. I'm pretty sure I have maybe 2 pictures from the entire 5 day trip. PA-THETIC!
Anyways like I said, the trip was so much fun! We got to hang out with friends and just relax! We saw Ice Age 3D too . . . am I the only one who was unaware that to see a 3D movie costs extra?? I am definitely not used to paying $11.00 to see a movie! But I guess all movies can't cost $2.50 like they do in Corsicana. ha! On Saturday, we went to our friend Steph's house to cookout for the 4th of July! Her family was so nice to let us use their kitchen to cook in, but poor Stephanie had to work until 7 so she missed out on the fun. And on the debacle that was my cookie cake :( After we had some delicious hamburgers, hotdogs and cake, we headed over to the Academy to watch the fireworks! They were really pretty but I was kinda bummed when there wasn't a big AF during the finale. Come on Air Force, that would have been sweet! (According to Taylor, it's not even possible though.) Whatever!
Oh! One night we went to this really neat place to eat called "The Airplane Restaraunt" We actually ate inside of an old re-fueler plane! It was really fun, there was a real fighter plane seat in the lobby that Taylor strapped himself into, we had to have a boarding pass in order to eat on the plane, and you could even sit in the cockpit!
Then of course I had to fly back to reality. Which is so NOT fun by the way. But I did get to meet my mom in Waxahachie on my way back to College Station and got a free meal. When in college, you don't pass to many of those up!
It was a fantastic weekend for me, but I'm going to try harder to control my grump to make it more enjoyable for everyone else next time :p
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