Fun at work!

Because I have a boring life and nothing new to report, here is a little distraction I took from work . . .

I AM … LBMM, plain and simple

I WANT… more money in my bank account

I HAVE … no idea how I wasted 3 hours so fast

I KEEP … thinking Monday feels like an entire week wrapped up into one day.

I WISH I COULD … be done with homework forever.

I HATE … driving.

I FEAR … the new kitten and its claws.

I HEAR … someone eating.

I DON’T THINK … college should be so expensive.

I REGRET … not telling my parents where I am.

I LOVE … traveling

I AM NOT …tall.

I DANCE … in my car.

I SING … in my car.

I NEVER … tell my parents I love them enough.

I RARELY … buy movies on DVD

I CRY WHEN I WATCH …Grey's Anatomy.

I AM NOT ALWAYS … grumpy. Contrary to popular belief.

I HATE THAT … I procrastinate.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … why my bluetooth headset won't work anymore!

I NEED … to do my homework. Because it never ends

I SHOULD … get back to working, I guess.

And because every blog posting is better with a picture...

Vic is so funny!


Jaryn said...

I love the grumpy thing. People would probably say the same thing about me and it's so untrue! glad to know I'm not the only one. lol

LBMM said...

haha according to my boyfriend, grump is one of my main qualities! NOT TRUE!


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