Trip to DC!

I have quite a few things to catch you all up on!

First of all, I would like to let you all know that I am now a certified American! Remember way back in one of my first posts that I had not seen the Back to the Future movies and that I could not be considered an American by Taylor's standards until I had?

Rest assured! I have seen them all now!!

haha in other news though . . .

Last Thurday Taylor and I met in Baltimore on our way to DC! Justin is summer interning up there and let us stay the night in his sweet hotel suite! He also took us to dinner at a seafood place that was pretty good!

P.S. To all of you who think I am lacking in the driving skills . . . please take a trip to the north east! Those people honk at anything and everything on the road! I am so glad that no driving was entrusted upon me :)

When we arrived in Baltimore and even on Friday in DC the weather was disgusting - rainy and cold and gross. Luckily though it cleared up on Saturday just in time for our tour of DC and lasted through the rest of our trip!
But doesn't Taylor look pretty with his umbrella?

On Saturday we took a tour around the well-known monuments in DC!
Taylor and I had to pose with the name of the greatest state ever of course!

Saturday night we hung out at Whitney's house with her roommate and some of her work friends. They were all beyond hilarious and I had such a good time!

Then on Sunday, we went to Arlington National Cemetery and hiked around there all afternoon. It was pretty neat though to see the Robert E. Lee house, the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier, JFK's eternal flame, and all sorts of other things I feel really lucky to have seen. I had no idea just how big that place was, there were even other properties owned by the cemetery that looked pretty full!
Whitney and I don't look tired at all, do we?

After we left the cemetery, Taylor requested that we visit the Air Force memorial. It was probably the coolest one that we saw the entire weekend!
This is the view from the parking lot! That thing is HUGE! And it sits on a hill so we could see quite a bit of DC!

Taylor found Frank Luke Jr. on the wall of honored veterans! He is the namesake of his class at the Academy so needless to say, he was beyond excited!

Monday marked the end of our trip and we had to go back to Baltimore :(
Since Taylor had flown Delta and I had taken Southwest airlines, we had to say goodbye at security.
SERIOUSLY . . . who in their right mind designs an airport with TWO separate security points? I had done very well with controlling my grumpiness the entire weekend, but that was just ridiculous.

Moving on . . .

I had an absolute blast in DC with Whitney and Taylor and I hope I can go back and visit very soon!

But for now it is back to school and work. I cannot believe how fast summer school goes! I would love if all school was like that but I'm pretty sure my brain would explode after a while!

After Taylor's surprise trip to Lubbock, Ring Dance, and DC, I ended up seeing him 3 out of 4 weeks in a row, which in turn spoiled me and so when this weekend came up I was quite disappointed to find that I not be traveling anywhere. Hopefully the next visit will be soon . . .
Because I enjoy looking at this face!

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