Ring Dance!!!

Ring Dance finally arrived! And it was so, so, so much fun!! 

After my plane arrived in Denver on Thursday, Taylor, Marie, Ryan, and I drove up to Steamboat to take our cars to the cabin . . . 

We drove all through the mountains where there is STILL snow! I couldn't believe it!!

We woke up Friday morning to some pretty gross weather and I had hopes that it would clear up later in the afternoon but it ended up raining all. day. long. We didn't let it bother us though and we got some pretty good pictures before dinner!

Then we headed to dinner where we had to sit through a speaker and eat before Taylor could have his ring! The speaker was pretty good though, and the food was yummy! 

Here is Taylor before his ring . . . such a sad face!

Then, we finally started the ring christening! For this, the cadet has to put his ring in a glass of champagne . . .

Drink the champagne . . .

Pass it to his date . . .

And finally . . . get his ring!!!

After the cadets got their rings, the dining hall was pretty much mass chaos while everyone was running around showing off their rings! We took lots more pictures and then headed over to the dance. We didn't stay long because our limo arrived to take us to Steamboat Springs for the weekend! It was a lot of fun because none of us had to worry about being tired and driving 4 hours up to the mountains and we all got to be together and hang out! Even though we all slept the last hour and a half! Our cabin was amazing to say the least and I wish we could have gotten to stay there longer than just 2 nights! On Sunday afternoon we headed back to the Academy and relaxed for the evening in our hotel room. Then, I flew back to Texas on Monday evening :( I was so sad to leave after such a fun weekend! 

But the good news is . . . 

I get to see Taylor later this week when we head to DC!

I can't wait to see Whitney either, I hate that she lives so far away! 

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