Summer Vacation!

SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY O-V-E-R! I don't know what to do with myself! I don't remember the last time I was able to come home in the afternoon and not have to study or worry about finishing something before a deadline! I must say, it feels AH-MAZING!

Plus...the EVEN better news is that I passed everything. (Yes it was questionable) But anyways, this means that I get my AGGIE RING!!! I absolutely cannot wait for November 13th!

Now just to start training for the dunk! Ahem...Kristofer!

Anyways, as if my last week of school wasn't busy enough, it was also move-in for my new condo! It was stressful but luckily my parents helped out by packing up all of my stuff from home and bringing it down for me!

The first week of living in my new apartment was quite an adjustment for me. The ever-wonderful Suddenlink (kidding) couldn't install my cable and internet until the Friday AFTER I moved in. Not really an ideal situation for my last week in an online class. But on the bright side, I got LOTS of extra sleep. I think I was in bed by 10:30 every night! I don't remember the last time that happened. Also, I got my money's worth in student computer lab fees because I spent a lot of my afternoons in the school computer lab. are some pictures of my apartment just after I moved in! It looks a little better now because my roommate Kyle brought an entertainment center for the living room, but sadly I still have plastic boxes as a TV stand in my bedroom.

(How sad is that?)

(this is my bathroom! I looove my shower curtain)

(my kitchen...I don't remember having so much stuff!)

Another fun part of getting a new apartment is the shopping!A few weeks ago, mom ordered me a new comforter for my bed and had it shipped to the College Station mall. I went to go pick it up this weekend and they informed that it had been back-ordered and wouldn't be ready until like August 21st! That was lame because I didn't want to have to sleep without covers! So I decided to try and find another one. My Momma-Too (grandma) had given me a couple of Macy's giftcards for Christmas and so I decided to start there. I didn't know how much the cards had on them but I figured every little bit helps! First, I found these 500! thread-count sheets that were originally $160 but they were on sale for $45.00! So I thought this was a pretty good price for what I was getting and I decided to buy them. I handed the cashier my giftcard and she handed it back saying that I still had $2.00 on it! How awesome! Thanks for the sheets Momma Too! But it gets even better! I also found a comforter that I really liked and decided to buy it as well. Thinking the other giftcard would have the same amount on it, I handed it over only to be told that my total was $6.15. Turns out, that card had $100 on it! So to say the least I was extremely happy with these purchases and I absolutely love going to sleep at night knowing the deal I got!

(So this is my awesome bedspread that I got for $6!!)

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