Math makes my head hurt

I still don't have internet at my new condo so no pictures yet. Maybe this weekend!!

However, I am working on studying for my math final and need a break. SO I have something fun to do!


Clothing brand: whatever fits!
Thing to do: sleep. how sad.
Name: mine?
Trait of yours: my eyes?
Family member: What? I can't choose! I love them all :)
Grade you were/are in: not high school. probably my 2nd year of college
Memory: building forts with my brother in our living room.
Thing about the opposite sex: I love Taylor's hugs.
Electronics brand: Apple!
Gift you got from someone: uh, my parents not killing me after all these years
Program on your computer: The Internet? It's the one I use the most often
Phrase: "eat your own shit"
School Subject: I suppose I should say writing since it's what I'm majoring in.
Age you were/are: I wish I was 21.
Teacher: Dr. Deb.
Number: really? umm 21
Fruit: grapes
Store: Target
Person: Taylor!
Holiday: Thanksgiving.
Day of the week: Saturday
Season: In between Spring and Summer
Place: my bed. or with any of my favorite people. but not together

Movie: I can't even begin to list my favorites
T.V. Show: it used to be Jon & Kate plus 8. But they suck at life. So I guess now it's probably either Grey's Anatomy or Cake Boss
Channel: TLC or WEtv
Book: Nicolas Sparks. All of it.
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Kate Winslet
Talk Show: Ellen!
Sport: Tennis
Magazine: haha sadly...Cosmo
Board Game: Monopoly
Instant Messenger: Skype!

Food: Pizza. Or Spaghetti.
Drink: lemonade
Restuarant: Wings n More
Non-Alcoholic Drink: lemonade
Type of Food: italian
Meal: any kind of chicken with some green beans and mashed potatoes. or steak
Person you know that cooks: Vic Steven Seidel.
Alcoholic Drink: Margaritas!!!
Soda: Dr. Pepper. Or Sprite. Both make me extremely happy

Music Genre: Texas Country
Band: There are so many that I could listen to for hours!
Solo Artist: Again, I can't choose.
Song: geeez! I can't do it!
Disney Channel singer: demi lovato definitely. she is my homegirl.
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