Math makes my head hurt

I still don't have internet at my new condo so no pictures yet. Maybe this weekend!!

However, I am working on studying for my math final and need a break. SO I have something fun to do!


Clothing brand: whatever fits!
Thing to do: sleep. how sad.
Name: mine?
Trait of yours: my eyes?
Family member: What? I can't choose! I love them all :)
Grade you were/are in: not high school. probably my 2nd year of college
Memory: building forts with my brother in our living room.
Thing about the opposite sex: I love Taylor's hugs.
Electronics brand: Apple!
Gift you got from someone: uh, my parents not killing me after all these years
Program on your computer: The Internet? It's the one I use the most often
Phrase: "eat your own shit"
School Subject: I suppose I should say writing since it's what I'm majoring in.
Age you were/are: I wish I was 21.
Teacher: Dr. Deb.
Number: really? umm 21
Fruit: grapes
Store: Target
Person: Taylor!
Holiday: Thanksgiving.
Day of the week: Saturday
Season: In between Spring and Summer
Place: my bed. or with any of my favorite people. but not together

Movie: I can't even begin to list my favorites
T.V. Show: it used to be Jon & Kate plus 8. But they suck at life. So I guess now it's probably either Grey's Anatomy or Cake Boss
Channel: TLC or WEtv
Book: Nicolas Sparks. All of it.
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Kate Winslet
Talk Show: Ellen!
Sport: Tennis
Magazine: haha sadly...Cosmo
Board Game: Monopoly
Instant Messenger: Skype!

Food: Pizza. Or Spaghetti.
Drink: lemonade
Restuarant: Wings n More
Non-Alcoholic Drink: lemonade
Type of Food: italian
Meal: any kind of chicken with some green beans and mashed potatoes. or steak
Person you know that cooks: Vic Steven Seidel.
Alcoholic Drink: Margaritas!!!
Soda: Dr. Pepper. Or Sprite. Both make me extremely happy

Music Genre: Texas Country
Band: There are so many that I could listen to for hours!
Solo Artist: Again, I can't choose.
Song: geeez! I can't do it!
Disney Channel singer: demi lovato definitely. she is my homegirl.


Whitney said...

Tear it up LMBB. I'll be there to visit soon and there will be much fun and hanging out and no math!

Muller Family said...

I am neck deep in yucky math stuff myself (daily deposits and end of month accounting for Swiss Pastry) and I decided to take a break. Lucky for me you had just posted this lovely little list and gave me a nice little laugh. You Miss Mary are just too funny!

Mary said...

Whitney! I can't WAIT for you to get here.

and Kristi! I'm so glad you commented! and I'm happy to be entertaining to someone!


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