Shout-outs and Call-outs

Some days I wake up annoyed with the whole world, while other days I wake up and barely notice life's little inconveniences. Today was the latter luckily, so I was able to able to come up with not just a "call-out" post.

*Aggie Ring office! I sent my ring off to be resized only 2 weeks ago and I got a call today that it was back ! They said that it would take anywhere from 4-6 weeks so I was super pumped to get that phone call today. Just this morning I thought to myself that it would probably be another few weeks until I got to see it again. NOT ANYMORE!
*Ace of Cakes-I like this show so much more than Cake Boss. One because they don't yell, and 2 because they are hilarious! Also, I'm watching the show as I'm typing this and being seriously entertained.

*Know-it-alls. Especially the ones that don't know it all. I can't learn anything in class when you are constantly interrupting the professor to correct them!
*Cold weather-I am running out of warm clothes! And I'm dreaming of my trip to hawaii where there will be warm weather. Oh, did I bring that trip up AGAIN? Sorry.
*Grocery shopping and laundry-I don't like these grown up things. Especially when THEY DON'T END.

Sometimes I just have to laugh at all the things that could potentially ruin my day. Like slamming my finger in my bathroom drawer. And the dog that lives upstairs. I can't let everything bother me!

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