Countdown to Margaritaville

It's Friday. And that means two things. One, I'm done with attending college classes forever. And two, only four more days until I let my math final determine my future (more on that later) and two weeks until I walk across the stage. I hope I don't fall.

Last night as I was working on my math homework, I found a place where I could see how long I had worked on the program. My syllabus at the beginning of the semester said I should dedicate 3 hours a week to the class, which would equal out to about 48 hours at this point. Want to know what my time was? 85 hours. That's almost double the recommended time and I don't have ANYTHING to show for it. In other news, I like to beat my head against the wall sometimes.

Anyways, I'll be working on math for the next three days in preparation for the big final on Monday and then I may be paying a phone call to my professor and there might be tears involved. I'm just being honest here.

After Monday, regardless of how the test goes though, you will be able to find me at Happy Hour drinking Margaritas until I forget the whole thing ever happened.

Also, I've been thinking a lot about graduation. More specifically though, walking across the stage. I've done it before at my high school graduation, but that was in Frost. Where everyone knew me and had no doubt I would mess something up. Standing up when nobody else does is always fun. Anyways, I'm worried about walking the stage because um, it's in Reed Arena, where there are more than 150 seats and usually for graduation they're all full. What if I trip? Or go to the wrong person for my diploma? Or drop my diploma? Or shake with the wrong hand? Or get so excited, I decide to run across the stage? I know these are silly things and they probably won't happen, but really, anything is possible where I'm concerned.

Oh well, I'll just drink a margarita and forget it all happened.

On a completely unrelated note and because I just like to include pictures with every post, here's one of me, Haley, and Jaryn at another one of Haley's wedding showers. When I bought that dress I really thought it looked good on me. I'm hoping it's the way I'm standing, but I need to hit the gym again. Crunches here I come!

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