I wanna take yo' pitcha

So I wrote yesterday that I would post some fun pictures from my recent trip to Colorado. I finally found my camera tonight, so here they are!

This was at the zoo overlooking Colorado Springs. It was so beautiful and this is one of my new favorite pictures of Taylor and I.
This is Taylor's favorite animal at the zoo, a lynx! They do have pretty sweet pointy ears so I guess I can see why he likes it.

It's a weenie dog of the sea! The otters were such good swimmers, Taylor and I are jealous of their skills.
I love this picture of Taylor, he is so cute! He liked feeding the giraffes more than I did.
I don't think Mr. Giraffe was too pleased with me stopping to take a picture. He wanted his cracker!

And of the best hotel I've stayed in so far! Taylor's Air Force hookups are pretty much awesome. When Taylor booked the room, he reserved just a regular room, but I guess since it wasn't very full, they upgraded me to a "Distinguished Guest" Suite. We even had our own parking spot!

And I'm not letting Taylor forget that I'm distinguished. The Air Force said so.

I apologize for the order, I guess I added them backwards.
This is the KITCHEN! It was in the hallway between the living room and the bathroom. Just like my kitchen at home though, it didn't get much use.
This is the sitting area of the bedroom with a big flat screen tv. The room was huge!
Looking from the door, this is the other side of the bedroom. That bed was so comfortable and amazing. And the blinds shut out all the light. I slept until 11:30 on Saturday and when I woke up, I thought it was before dawn!
This is the living room area, it had two chairs and a couch. Not a love seat, a couch!

I should probably get out more.
Another TV!
We never sat in the living room. I wish I could have stayed longer to enjoy the whole suite, but I wasn't ever in the room except to sleep!

Too bad this was my last trip to Colorado before Taylor graduates and leaves forever! We've tried to reserve the on base hotel before but it's always been full. I'm glad I got to stay at least once though!

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