Silly Monkeys

Tonight as I was taking one of a million breaks from my math homework, I caught up on one of my favorite TV shows, Modern Family.

If ya haven't seen it, please do that immediately.

It has to be the funniest show I've seen in a long time. Has to.

I don't know why, but it just tickles my funny bone every time.

And when I have kids one day, I hope they are all like the little girl that plays Lily. Seriously, that kid just hangs out like it's her job. I mean it is, but if all babies were that calm, I would have a million of them. Not really. Why am I talking about this? Moving on...

This weekend I got to visit Taylor in Colorado. I feel like a big ol' dork for saying this, but it just gets harder and harder to go a long time in between our visits. Even the 2.5 weeks since Hawaii was torture.

We had such a fun time, even though it was a relatively short visit. Normally I fly in on a Thursday and leave on Monday night. But neither of us had Monday off, so I flew out on Sunday evening and even though it was 4 days, it only felt like an afternoon. To me at least. I'm sure Taylor was ready to put me on that plane. I can be a handful.

Shocking, I know.

Not that it wasn't fun, it just went by lightning fast. Some of our weekend activities included a night out in downtown Colorado Springs, a bowling night, and THE ZOO.

Oh the Zoo was so much fun! We got to FEED THE GIRAFFES. They reminded me of cows. One even stuck his tongue all the way up his nose. I had a hard time feeding them, because I have issues with animals. I don't like getting animal slobber on me and I have a deep dark fear that they're going to take my hand with the food.

Anyways, after we left the giraffes with all body parts attached, we wandered around and visited the other animals. I liked the otters the best. I wish I could swim like an otter. They remind me of weenie dogs.

Weenie dogs of the sea. I like it.

I think Taylor liked all of the cats the best. Especially the Lynx because of its ears. If he could keep one as a pet, he would!

Towards the end of our visit, we got rained on just a little bit, but we ended up seeing everything and getting to our car just as it really started to rain. We saw the entire zoo in just under two hours. How do people stay there all day long? Or for that matter, go every week? Animals pretty much do the same things all day every day. Especially when they're cooped up in a cage their entire lives. We had tons of fun, but I'm not going to plan my next visit for a couple of years. The monkeys stunk too bad.

The night before the zoo, we went bowling with some of Taylor's friends at the Academy. I've decided that I prefer Wii Bowling. Like 1,000 times over.

If we were playing golf that night though, I would have beaten everybody by a mile.

Unfortunately we weren't, and my competitive nature had to take a seat once I realized there was absolutely no way on Earth that my ball was going to stay out of the gutter. I lost part of my thumb nail too.

Like I said, I prefer Wii Bowling.

Oh well, I provided the entertainment I guess. LBMM is always sure to come with the entertainment.

I'll have pictures of our zoo outing soon, but not until I find my camera in the abyss of my suitcase.

I should unpack sometime before May. We'll see though.

In other news, only 24 days until graduation. I want it to hurry, but I still have a ton of stuff to do so I hope it doesn't hurry. I've started applying for a few teaching jobs, so I'll be crossing all of my body parts hoping somebody wants me to mold the minds of their innocent children.

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