Does anyone remember when I wrote that post about New Routines? Just to update you all on that ended I think the week after that. I was doing really well with it by going to the rec center every day and then I got sick with strep or whatever it was and I didn't go for a week. And then I got busy with my alternative teaching stuff. So I got out of the routine and haven't been back since February.

I knew as soon as I put that into words that something would happen and I would stop going. But the good news is, I have kept up (for the most part) with the healthy eating part. I still don't eat fast food unless it is my only option and I don't remember the last time I had more than a sip of Dr. Pepper. Unfortunately I have visited the land of unhealthy, aka my parent's house a few weekends in a row and junk food just always tastes so much better here! Just cutting out carbonation and fast food though did a lot. I lost about 5 pounds, which on me is almost an entire size. It was really just all of that water weight that eating junk food and cokes adds. But I feel better and I'm really glad I have stuck with it. Being 21 doesn't really help too much though because alcohol still has a lot of calories! I haven't been overdoing it or anything, but I do like my margaritas at dinner!

In other news, only 33 days (HOLY COW) until graduation. I talked to my advisor last week and she said that I can walk the stage regardless of if I pass my pesky math class. So far though, it looks like I will pass it so not only will I get to walk the stage, but I will also get my diploma in the tube! I'm really excited about that because my diploma will say May 2010 instead of August 2010.

Also, I just found out on Friday that I passed my content exam for my alternative certification. I was ECSTATIC. When I started reviewing for the test and taking the practice exams, I really thought I had no chance. And then when I got to the test and started going through it, I still thought I had no chance. Thankfully though, I passed it! It only took 2 days for my scores to be reported. I thought that was crazy, but I'm glad I didn't have to wait 3 weeks to get them. I was happy to be done with the whole process and to hand my book off to Haley so she could take hers soon!

Speaking of Haley, today was her lingerie shower at Jaryn's house. Jaryn and her mom did SUCH a cute job decorating their house for it and it was a lot of fun. Haley got so many cute things, that I'm sure she (and Andrew) will enjoy! ;)
It's so weird sometimes to think that we are old enough to be throwing wedding showers for each other and that Haley is going to get married in just a couple of months! And that I'm graduating from college in a few DAYS. Below is a picture from the shower! I think we have a few like this from when we were in elementary school!

Now all that's left for me to do in the near future is find a job and figure out where I'll be living starting in August. Send up some good location prayers for me! :)

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Haley said...

It was so much fun! Yay! I can't belive we're old enough for any of this either, just seems like yesterday that we were in 4th grade!


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