For a while now I have been checking out sites like that make fun of people for posting silly/stupid/weird things on Facebook. It's pretty entertaining and definitely passes the time at work. One thing I have been noticing though on the sites, the real Facebook, and especially comments on other people's blogs is that people are typing in short hand pretty often. Especially the older generation, i.e. my mom's age.

Thankfully my mother has no clue what any of it means and refuses to type in anything less than full sentences. Usually. Of course there are the senior moments when I have to ask what her thought process was.

Anyways, back to the short hand. I don't know what any of it means! I thought the teenagers today were the ones typing in code words. There's LMBO which I'm only guessing is the mom censored version of LMAO. Ones like that are the easiest to pick up on. But then there are the ones I haven't ever heard of. TFS? DH? There are so many more! I try to use context clues but they never seem to do any good.

While I know that reading other people's posts is useless, it is just something that I find entertaining. Older generations on Facebook still throws me off sometimes. I try to be much more careful in what I post and even though I've successfully shielded any unworthy eyes from my entire profile, I still go through a mental list of everyone who can see my profile just to make sure I'm not putting anybody off. Because making other people mad is my biggest fear.

In other news, I took my Content test for my alternative teaching certification today. I won't know the test results until next week sometime so if you think about it...send up some good thoughts for me to the test results gods! Haha thanks in advance!

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