Goodbye old life...

After my graduation in May, I came to my parents house for a few days here and there while I did a lot of traveling. I guess I knew it would be my next move, but I had been hoping and praying that I would get a job offer and find a place of my own somewhere. On Friday though, I decided it was time to suck it up and move my stuff to my parents house. Until that point, I had a place that I could get away to and just relax. Now that I don't, it's really hitting me hard that for now, my parents house is my home again and I've been thinking about all the wonderful things I'm going to miss about living in College Station.

My top 5:

1. Grocery store literally across the street.
2. Any kind of food less than 2 minutes from my house.
3. Movie theater less than 5 minutes away.
4. Vic and Sarah!
5. Target and Old Navy.

When I decided to graduate early, I didn't really have a plan. I just knew that I wanted to not go to school anymore. I guess I thought that a job would just land in my lap and everything would work out like it always has.
After graduation, I was traveling so much and having such a great time enjoying my summer that I didn't really worry too much about not having a real job yet. I was still applying to school districts and crossing my fingers, but no word yet.
Then the "Do you have a job yet?" questions started coming and that's when I got a little stressed. I tell people that no, I don't yet but I'm still applying and they immediately follow up with their own advice about getting a job. I appreciate it, but it doesn't really help me all that much when everyone says the same things that I've been doing to find a job.
I have a hard time with failure and patience. Since graduation, it's been really hard to have faith that eventually the right job will come along, and peace about living at home and not on my own. I want to be ok with everything and sit back and enjoy the life I have, but this dream I had for myself after school keeps getting in the way. I have to work on these things so that I can be happy and enjoyable to be around.

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