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When I sat down to write this post, I noticed in my list of previous posts that I already had three drafts all basically saying the same things. Somehow, I just forgot to post them. Probably because I didn't want to have to title them. It's really a serious fear of mine. What if I title it something that has nothing to do with the post, but I think it does and no one gets it? Or what if I title it something that can be turned into an innuendo? Wouldn't that be totally embarrassing? I'm all about rational thinking.

Anyway, the main events going on in my three previous drafts were the following in quick summaries and minimal pictures.

Taylors Graduation:
1. I drove 6 hours to Lubbock on Friday night only to wake up and ride 7.5 more hours in the car with Taylor's parents to Colorado. My behind started to go numb!
2. Our hotel had this thing called "Manager's Special". Free drinks every evening from 5-9. FREE. Have I ever mentioned how much fun it is to be an adult?
3. We went to church at the Academy Chapel. Beautiful.
4. We got to have our picture taken with the Superintendent of the Academy. Super cool.
5. We got wind burned at a parade while getting to see some of Taylor's good friends, Ryan and Brett jump out of planes. Painful, but really neat.
6. Kristofer, Vic and Sarah's planes were all delayed because of high winds in Colorado so Whitney, Taylor's mom and I all got to go shopping while waiting for them. I totally got a cute top and some shoes. And a purse. Score!
7. Vic lost his wallet at the airport, but luckily it was found!
8. Taylor was commissioned into the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant. I may have gotten a little teary.
9. Taylor graduated and we got to see an amazing Thunderbirds show. It was a gorgeous day and I even remembered sunscreen for quite possibly the first time in my life. But the important part was that Taylor graduated.
10. We totally got to see an almost fight in the parking lot after graduation. Hilarious.

In between all of the events during the week, we had lots and lots of really good food and tons of fun with everyone who came. I was/am so proud of Taylor for his completely amazing accomplishment of graduating from the Air Force Academy!

Golden and Keystone, Colorado:

1. We packed up after Taylor's graduation and headed to the mountains for a weekend of relaxation and a tour of the Coors Plant.
2. I volunteered to be the photographer because I really didn't care that much about the Coors plant. It was neat to see everything, but it wasn't something I cared to learn about. Have I mentioned that I don't like beer? Yuck.
3. We got a sweet condo in Keystone that had an indoor hot tub!
4. Whitney and Vic kept our bellies full with delicious food as usual. It's good to have those two around.
5. Sarah and I made Taylor and Vic watch a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon. They totally loved it.
6. Taylor ran over a boulder with his truck and the boulder won.
7. We learned all about Vic's fear of heights.
8. We wore shorts to the top of a ski lift. What an interesting experience.

Sadly the week ended and we had to drop Whitney, Vic and Sarah off at the airport before driving back to Texas where Taylor discovered my whistling pet peeve. After arriving back in Texas, I stayed a couple of days in Lubbock and then drove back home to Frost while Taylor began his summer working on the farm.

Now for the more recent stuff:

1. I preordered my new iPhone which took THE ENTIRE DAY but eventually worked out. I originally had an entire blog post for that, but decided it was weird and whiny so now it just gets a number.
2. I moved home for what looks like permanently. It was supposed to just be until I got a teaching job, but now it's July 14 and I have had absolutely zero leads. I keep telling myself that it's free in hopes that I'll like it more but I soon may need more to keep myself going.
3. I'm really thinking hard about what's been going on since I last wrote anything and I'm slowly realizing how boring I am. Hooray for me.

Last week I went to Lubbock to finally get to spend time with Taylor and what a perfect week I picked! It rained the entire week I was there so Taylor didn't have to work at all and we got to hang out almost the entire time! It was an adventurous week though! Lubbock ended up getting 10 inches of rain and at one point I was put in charge of navigating us through a flood. I thought they would have been better off with a monkey driving, but luckily I got us back to the house safe and sound. Then the carbon monoxide detectors started going off at Taylor's house and we had to call the fire department who came sirens blaring only to tell us they needed to be replaced. We had opened all of the doors and windows to let out the poison and so a few bugs got into the house. The next morning I was getting ready in the bathroom when a wasp started flying around my head. I turned around to go find a fly swatter only to run head first into the door frame. Hoping nobody would notice, I went back to getting ready only to have Taylor's mom come down the hallway wondering what all the noise was so I had to explain that it was only me, being an idiot. We also went to the family reunion, and of course, multiple Best Buy trips. Oh and we also saw Despicable Me. What a fantastic movie. I almost forgot the most important thing! Taylor decided after graduation that he was going to start a 60 day beard. This trip was my first time seeing the infamous beard in person and I have to say, I'm glad the military doesn't allow facial hair. Not that Taylor doesn't look handsome all the time, it's just that I find him more handsome without the facial hair. He likes it though and I guess it is his face so I support it! On Sunday, I had to drive home and I think I've said this before, but it really gets so much harder every time I have to say goodbye. Taylor really is the coolest kid I know! Who knew the first summer we've both had off in four years would be the one where we saw each other the least?! Not a fan, people. Not a fan.

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Anonymous said...

Nice update Miss Mary. I am totally with you on the beard assessment but I'm also a sucker for seeing a happy Taylor so if he likes it, then grow beard, grow!!

Kristi Verett Muller


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