How long until I have to grow up?

It's been forever and a year since I've posted anything. I guess not needing distractions from math homework has taken its toll on my poor unread blog!

So sit back and prepare yourself, this is going to be long.

Let's see... since last time...I have graduated, Taylor graduated, I semi moved home, Taylor moved back to Texas, I've changed jobs, and I've gotten more sleep in the past two weeks than all of last semester combined. It's been cah-razy to say the least.

We'll start with my graduation! First of all, I spent the ENTIRE week leading up to the ceremony doing math homework day in and day out. There were even a couple of all nighters. By the Wednesday before graduation when grades were supposed to be turned in, I still had not heard from my professor on whether or not I would pass the class. So regardless of whether or not I would pass, my grades had not been turned in. I pretty much knew I would find one of those stinking little blue dots on the end of my tube.

Sure enough, it was there. After sitting through an hour and a half of my graduation ceremony, I was really tired and just wanted to hang out with my family since they were there. My department was the second one called and there were still about 25 more departments left! So since I didn't have a diploma in my dadgum tube, I left the ceremony.

BIG MISTAKE. Dad was NOT happy in any way shape or form. He thought I was going to get some sort of "ticket" because I didn't stay. So, after that the day was pretty much shot and I didn't get a single picture. I was so sad because I had looked forward to that day for so long and didn't have any tangible memories!

Luckily I have Vic and Sarah, who I love so much and who were so wonderful that they hosted my family and a few friends over at their house that night. Even though Sarah was preparing for a conference the next week! Seriously, I couldn't ask for better family/friends. After a rough day, it was so nice to relax and be around people who are hilarious.

Taylor was able to make it into town for my graduation, and I'm so glad he did! We had such a great time! And doesn't he look so handsome all dressed up? Those are actually Vic's clothes because all Taylor brought was a pair of jeans! I talked him into this outfit and Vic even let him keep the shirt because Taylor's arms are longer than his!

After my graduation, Taylor flew back to Colorado for a few days until everyone came out for his grad week. Yes, an entire week dedicated to Taylor's graduation. Turd.

That comes in the next post!

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