Somebody take the remote away from me

I've gone and done it again y'all. I changed my blog background. Due to high demand from my readers (NOT), it was in need of a new, simpler look.

Actually, I think I want to change my hair style and changing my blog was the cheaper option. The only downside to switching everything around is the fact that I am the most indecisive person ever. And picky. Unfortunately those two characteristics don't normally play nicely together. At least not in LBMM's world. I'm not going to tell you how long it took for me to get the "simple look" that I am now sporting because it would totally and completely defeat the purpose of the "simplifying" process I was going for.

In other news, I have found time in my jam packed schedule to watch every bit of trashy tv I can fit into a week. I started off the summer watching the end of Real Housewives of New York and even though I was so thankful that it ended and I had decided not to love any of the people on it, I got sucked into watching the spin-off with Bethenny Frankel called, "Bethenny Getting Married?" I love her sense of humor and her many one-liners.

Then, one of my favorite shows ever from last summer came back on. Real Housewives of New Jersey is nonstop entertainment for me. I even got my mom hooked on it and now she asks every person we come into contact with if they have seen it. Of course no one else has as bad as taste in television as we do so they haven't even heard of it. I love this show because they women on it are so trashy and don't even know it!

Another couple of shows I have started watching this year are Teen Mom, Real World: New Orleans and Jersey Shore. I know I'm behind on the Real World by like...10 years, but I never even knew it existed until Taylor got me to watch it. I watched a little bit of Jersey Shore last year, but decided I would stick out the whole season this time. I'm so glad because it is filled with some of the best quotes I've heard in a while. Also, Taylor watches them at the same time and we discuss them throughout the episodes and it's almost like we're watching it together. 

I've watched a couple of episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project and Bachelor Pad but I can only handle so much of Rachel Zoe's voice and her overuse of the word "BANANAS". The Bachelor Pad makes me laugh because I think that it is more logical than the original Bachelor show. We all know the people on those shows are there for the fame and whatnot so it's great they've decided to go ahead and give these contestants some prize money. It's still funny though to hear some of them say things like, "I want to win that money! Oh and of course find love. Yeah love would be nice too." 

Of course summer wouldn't be summer without some Kardashian action. I still don't know why they are famous and have their own shows but they've sucked me in with their dramatic lives and I just can't stop. 

I try to draw Taylor into my trashy tv but he just refuses and makes fun of me. He just doesn't know what he's missing! Watching tv with Taylor is so much fun because if it's a dumb show he has really funny comments and if it's a great show, we have deep discussions about it like we're solving all of life's problems. 

Ok, so now that I've just dropped that knowledge bomb on you I'll leave you with one more unimportant-to-life tidbit.

Yesterday after a ridiculously difficult visit to Best Buy I decided to blow off some steam at Target. Actually I had already calmed down by the time I thought of going there, it just seems like a logical excuse. Anyways, I made a purchase that I never thought would ever in a million years happen. 

I bought a pair of "skinny jeans." No, not the jeans you wear when you feel skinny, but the ones that are really tight fitting...everywhere. I have always been opposed to this style because thanks to 10 years of tennis, the size of my thighs is not something I prefer to draw attention to. But then I threw caution to the wind and tried on a pair. And y'all, I am in Love. They actually did the opposite to my thighs that I thought they would AND were just the right length for my LBMM size legs. I don't normally find jeans that I just love so I decided to add them to my closet. Then, the deal was made even sweeter because I found some extremely cute cardigans for FIVE dollars each. So of course I got two. After I found that deal, I thought I should quit while I was ahead. I mean, I don't think I could have found anything better than that so I called it a day. Ohh how I miss having a Target literally across the road from my house. 

And there you have it. After re-reading that, I feel as though my life might lack some meaning. I promise I think about other things besides television and sales. Just last week I solved World Hunger. Ok, maybe not. But I did make some delicious enchilada ravioli and even my 17 year old brother got full so I think I did something right. 

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