Merpaw's House

This past weekend Mom and I traveled east to see my Merpaw. If you're wondering who Merpaw is, (which I doubt you are since everyone who reads this blog is family), but just in case--she is my mom's mom. Everyone else called her Memaw or Grandma and then I came along and made up Merpaw. Even my three year old self had naming issues I guess.

Anyways, it was a weekend that both Mom and I were free so we decided to spend the day in Tyler. I always love visiting Merpaw's house because that's where I take the best naps. I know I know, how rude to go and visit someone and then fall asleep at their house. But if you knew my grandpa who I think I get my nap skills from, you would totally understand. PawPaw could fall asleep anywhere faster than anyone! He also liked to stand in front of the TV, but that's another story for another time.

We spent the day napping, looking at old family photos, looking up recipes, and then I had to make a run into Tyler because I knew it was the only time I would be within 20 miles of a mall for a while. Pathetic I know, but you don't realize how much malls come in handy until one is an hour away.

Normally when we visit Merpaw's house, we make a trip out to Mario's Italian food. The owner, Moh has been a family friend since before I can remember. His staff even knows us because we've visited so often over the years! A few nights a week they have live music come in and play and it's just such a wonderful atmosphere. When Jesse and I were little, one of the singers used to sit at the piano with us and teach us how to play twinkle twinkle little star. I have so many great memories at this place and I love going whenever we have the chance! I even took Taylor last time he was in town and I think he liked it too.

We didn't have time this past visit to go, but when I was at the mall, I actually ran into Moh in Dillards! I guess a trip to Tyler just isn't complete without a little bit of Mario's.

In this picture: Moh, Merpaw, Me, Layla (Moh's daughter), Veroniqe (Moh's wife), and Mom. I think this was taken last summer. Back when I had long and apparently brown hair!

I can't believe I included a picture with a post! Hopefully after my visit to Alabama, I'll have plenty to share. Only TWO more days! 

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