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So as I mentioned in probably my last 5 posts, this past weekend was my trip to Alabama to visit Taylor and Whitney.

I just have to pause for a second to laugh once again at all of the adventures we had over the long weekend.

Ok I'm back.

I'll just start at the beginning. In my excitement of getting to see Taylor, I always fail to remember that I permanently live at least an hour away from every major airport and that booking a 9:00 flight might not seem that early, getting up at 5:30 to be on time for that flight is ALWAYS early.

Before boarding this 9:00 flight, I started to notice that there were a LOT of babies sitting at the same gate and then I put two and two together and realized they would all be on my flight. And it turned out that they all sat within five rows of me. The little boy behind me sang about Elmo for the first 20 minutes of the flight and then whined the rest of the time. While annoying, it was nothing compared to the two other people sitting in the same row as me. Homegirl and her boyfriend decided to spoil my "getting to see Taylor" buzz and sat down beside me...with their DOG. Then, girlfriend took off her Prada shoes and put them in the seat next to her while she and boyfriend read Cosmo articles out loud and laid in each other's laps. Please tell me normal people don't behave like this in public.

After landing in Birmingham, Whitney picked me up and we headed down to Dadeville to meet Taylor at our condo for the weekend. As we were driving, I noticed that the signal on my phone was getting lower and lower and then finally went away completely just as we were arriving at the realtor's office to pick up the keys to the condo. This was just the first sign that we were about to enter the Twilight zone.

As we stepped into the office, I started counting cats. I counted a total of 5 that I could see and apparently there was a litter of kittens camped out on a chair. There was also a Chihuahua in the mix but I heard someone say she thought she was a cat too. Then the receptionist greeted us and I discovered she had no upper teeth. Signs number two and three.

After we got directions from nice, but toothless lady we headed towards our condo and ran right into sign number four. In the matter of two minutes, we heard all about "the college", "the anxiety", and her family's health problems. All in the most Alabamaian accent I could ever imagine. We nodded our heads and then continued our journey to the cabin.

Once we arrived, we found the inventory list for the cabin complete with ceramic rabbit with two broken feet. One of the things on the list that we actually did not have was the "phone with dial tone". I would have gladly traded the rabbit for the dial tone because we had zero cell service and no internet all weekend. It took a trip to the parking lot and standing on one foot to get a phone call out.

Please keep in mind this was all before Taylor arrived.

After further inspection of the condo, we discovered a spider web that spanned one entire wall, about 80 champagne glasses and an entire box of crab crackers. At some point in time, someone had tried to entertain in the condo with curtains that were falling down and stained by something I don't even want to imagine. The brightside to the place though was the wonderful screened in back porch.

On Saturday night, we even got to meet our neighbors. And when I say meet I mean we listened to them drink a few too many and then head inside for a nice knockdown dragout fight.

Sidenote-Whitney, the wonderful cook, had to make a couple of trips to the local Piggly Wiggly over the weekend. Taylor and I had the pleasure of also making the trip and having our minds blown once again by it's Alabama-ness.

And now I'll get to one of the highlights of the weekend. As we were sitting by the pool on Sunday afternoon, we heard the familiar Dukes of Hazzard opening notes. That's right, General Lee himself drove right past the pool. And then we were joined by his family members who at one point were jumping back and forth over a metal fence.

Sunday night, Taylor's friend Justin joined us for the night and we all enjoyed catching up. We woke up on Monday morning and drove back to Montgomery and Maxwell AFB where we got to witness in person the place where Taylor has been staying for the past few weeks. When we walked in, it was a cool 81 degrees and only climbed from there. I felt so bad for him! Only a few more days though!

Whitney and I stayed the night in downtown Montgomery before my flight the next morning back to Texas. Besides being on the world's smallest plane for almost three hours, my flight was (thankfully) uneventful.

As hard as it was to say goodbye once again to Taylor, I am pretty happy that he will be in Texas in just a few short days. As excited as I am though, my trip to Alabama was definitely one that I will never forget!

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures once again. Although my camera made an appearance, my blowdryer did not make it to Alabama and so the frizz was out of control and since I am in control of what goes on my blog, my bad hair will not be shown.

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