life continued

I'm so disappointed in myself.

Two days ago I had as I was making my 2nd two hour drive of the day, I came up with some pretty awesome subjects to talk about on my blog. I was so proud of myself and swore that I would go straight home after my trip and write about them.

It just so happened though that my trip included buying a new computer so after I got home, I spent the next 3 hours trying to install Microsoft Office and forgot all about my blog post topics until tonight. And now I can't remember any of them.

My short term memory has never been one of my finer qualities.

So instead of solving all of the worlds problems and being incredibly funny with all of my forgotten knowledge, I'll just bore you with my revelations for today.

*This afternoon I discovered that my car is broken. Again. Turns out, one of the doors on my car has decided not to lock anymore. I thought that it was some sort of thing to avoid locking my keys in my car, but Taylor did some research and determined that it may not be normal. I am grateful to even have a car and I know that complaining isn't going to fix anything, but I'm actually starting to believe that Taylor cursed my car when he named it Hitler.

*I just saw the new Axe body wash commercial. Inappropriate does not even begin to cover it. Please don't look it up.

*I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. It always seems like my roots pop up out of nowhere. And then I'm on vacation trying to cover them up. You'd think I'd learn eventually. Hopefully my hairdresser doesn't cut off too much, because I'm still trying to grow out my hair and even a half inch too much will set me back two months.

*I found myself making a schedule of weekly shows that I will be watching starting next week. It was the most organized thing I've done since I graduated and that made me very sad.

I get to see Taylor again next week! This will be the third weekend in a row and that hasn't happened since last year! I really need to start taking pictures of our trips again because my blog is looking pretty sad. And I think my pictures are easier to read than my words.

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