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So, I have returned from another trip without any pictures. I'm not even sure if I'm ever going to use my camera again! I would say that it's starting to feel neglected, but I think that by not using it, I haven't had a chance to drop it in a while, so it's probably thankful for that. (You know, if camera's had feelings and such. Which mine apparently does.)

When we found out that Taylor would be living in Del Rio, Texas for the next couple of years, I started looking for teaching jobs in the area. I didn't find one and I was really bummed out about it, but after visiting I feel safe to say that I'm kind of glad there wasn't an opportunity there for me. I love Taylor and some of our greatest friends are in Del Rio as well, but I just don't think I would have been happy there since I would have had to live off base and the actual town of Del Rio is about 10 miles away from base. The people there are very nice and the town isn't as bad as some people make it out to be, but I'll be happy to visit! If only Frost wasn't in the smack-dab middle of nowhere, it might be easier.

When I arrived in Del Rio, Taylor was puppy-sitting for some friends of ours. I was so excited to see this because as everyone knows, Taylor is not the biggest fan of dogs. Brady the maltipoo couldn't have been a better puppy to play with though. He only had one accident the entire weekend! When Craig and Angela came back on Sunday, Taylor was giving them Brady's behavioral report and it was one of the funniest things I have ever listened to! Two 2nd Lieutenants in the Air Force talking about a puppy and his poop schedule! I wish I had recorded some of their conversation!

I know I always say this after a Taylor visit, but it was nice to just relax for a while! We took naps, saw a movie, and tried out some new restaurants. One night, I even cooked for Taylor. In the almost 3 years that we've been dating, I haven't ever had a chance to cook him a meal! Thankfully he thought it was tasty and approved of my cooking skills.

We also had a few dinner parties while I was in town. One night, we went over to our friends Ryan and Marie's house to have pork chops (yum!) and then we had Korean food at Taylor's neighbor's house a couple of nights later.(also yum!) They don't have much furniture so we ate and played a board game on a cardboard box! Our "buffet" for the night was their ironing board. I had to talk them into washing their ironing board cover after all of the food was cleaned up because it was covered in food. I don't think bits of potatos and cake icing would look very good on a neatly ironed uniform.

Since Taylor arrived in Del Rio, he has been living in the on-base hotel waiting for housing to open up. He didn't think he was going to get anything until after he got back from IFS in Colorado but one day while we were having lunch he got a call saying he had a house! After a couple of days of paperwork, he got to put all of his stuff in his new home! I tried to get him to decorate a little since he's going to be there for a while, but the most he would let me do was coordinate his towels with his shower curtain.

The week of course flew by once again and before I knew it, I was driving back toward Frost. Taylor left the very next day though for IFS where he will be for a few weeks while he learns some basics of flying I think. I know he is studying his tail off right now and I know he's going to do great while he's there because he's really smart and really awesome and you can't go wrong with those two qualities!

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