Snakes in a bucket

My Monday started out pretty normal. It wasn't even one of those Mondays that you wish would magically fast forward. Just a regular day full of boring errands.

Then, it got all Murphy's Law Monday on me.

When I got home from all my running around, I was fully prepared to take a glorious nap. The dogs had decided the night before that it was my job to let them in and out of every room in the house so I didn't get a ton of the quality sleep I usually like to have. We should really teach them how to open doors. Or you know, SLEEP OUTSIDE like normal dogs.

Just as I was laying down on the couch I noticed the cat playing with something on the floor.

Turns out it was a SNAKE. Thankfully it wasn't a very big one, but holy cow a snake is still a snake. I called Dad who was out of town and his only suggestion was to hit it with something.

Did I mention that the snake was in the living room on our hardwood floor? I'm sure Mom would have loved me swinging wildly with a shovel at the floor.

So I did the next logical thing I could think of:


I slapped a cookie dough bucket over him and found a coffee table book to put on top just to make sure he didn't try to get out. 

And then I sat and waited for Jesse to get home so he could take care of it. I skipped the nap, because I mean really...could you have napped knowing there was a snake alive in your house? 

When Jesse finally got home, we attempted to come up with a plan. We failed miserably, but the snake didn't survive so I guess that's all that matters.

Just for laughs, here's our plan:

1. We found a cardboard box in the garage and opened both ends so we could put it around the bucket to create a jail so the snake couldn't get away once we lifted the bucket.
2. I put on Dad's boots just in case step 1 failed. 
3. Step 1 failed and my reaction was to step on the snakes head. Jesse put the bucket back over him.
4. Jesse slipped a flap of the box under the bucket and scooted the whole thing to the door.
5. We tried to figure out how to scoot the box over the threshold.
6. Somehow step 5 happened. 
7. Jesse threw the box and bucket out the door.
8. We guillotined the snake's head with a shovel. 


Stupid snakes.

*Edit* I changed the last picture. Somehow I managed to upload the same picture twice and not realize it.

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