The past week or so of my life has been random, so I thought my post should be random as well. Pretty clever, huh?

1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook about how I was getting beat up by the copy machine at work. Well, we got into another fight and I lost again. I bent down to fix a paper jam and didn't see the "foot" of the machine and banged my knee on it. I have a bruise the size of golf ball now! It's really attractive when I wear shorts.

2. The charger for my iPhone broke on Friday night. At like 1:30 in the morning when it was completely out of juice. And no, Taylor, it isn't because I mistreat my electronics. These things just happen! To me! I finally broke down today and bought a new one. My choices were a 3 ft cord (like what I had...way too short) and a 10 ft cord. I just unwrapped it and I have to's a little excessive. I wanted a longer cord though and I guess that's what I got.

3. I got into some poison ivy last weekend. I think. I don't really know when or where I found it, but somehow I ended up with poison ivy. I have been keeping benadryl on it and NOT scratching it so I thought it should be healing somewhat. Wrong. It was spreading. Big time. So I went back to the doctor today and he said that I still have poison ivy. With "skin fungus" on top. Skin fungus sounds a lot like "flesh eating disease" but whatever. I wasn't going to put this on my blog because it's really gross, but then I realized that something like this could only happen to me it is. Ha!

4. I found some reallysupercute notecards in the dollar aisle at Target. I love writing people notes, but it's really hard to part with my cute cards. So if you receive one from me, I love you a lot.

5. Does anyone else watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey? My mom and I are obsessed with it. Why is it so much fun to watch crazy people crash and burn? This probably says something about me...

6. During the really bad storms we had a few weeks ago, my mom's dog ran away. She was gone for like 4 days and those were some of the best nights of sleep I've had in a long time. Long story short, mom found her and now we all have to wake up multiple times a night to let outside. Now, every time there's a change in the weather, Lily loses what little sense she has and goes nuts. The other day it was raining and she was running from room to room whining. Then the thunder started and she jumped into Dad's lap (he wasn't a fan of this) so then she tried to jump into my lap. While very sad, it was also really really funny. Also, any time she happens to walk by our back door and sees the rain, she goes batshit crazy and we have to console her. Have I mentioned she's a dog? I never thought I would have to console a dog. This situation is growing increasingly disturbing.

7. Mom and I saw Bridesmaids this weekend. I already watched it with Katie, but since it was so good I decided to see it again with Mom. Very raunchy but hilarious.

I guess that's all for my random stories. I'm going to Del Rio this weekend so I'm sure I'll be back soon with some more stories about our adventures. If I come back without pictures this time though, I want someone to slap me.

Here's a random picture I found on my phone today. I was attempting to look like I was flying my dad's airplane when really I was sitting in the backseat trying not to throw up.

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