Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday?

Today was one of those days that felt like a hundred Mondays piled into one. And to make it even better, I thought all day long that it was a Wednesday.

I have been stressing all day to get all of my work done and thinking about the gigantic pile of laundry I needed to wash and pack so I could leave for Del Rio. (Is anyone really surprised that none of my laundry is done?) You shouldn't be. It comes out of a suitcase and goes into a basket until I am completely out of jeans. I actually thought I had lost some of the clothes that happened to just be in the deepest darkest corner of the laundry basket.

Life is rough when you have to share the washer/dryer with 3 other people. When Mom does laundry, my underwear usually ends up in Jesse's stuff and I get his t-shirts. Very unfortunate switch. So I do my own. And that's why it takes me 4 weeks to do it!


Today was long. Both of the copiers went down at work. I left my computer charger at home. I dropped the office phone and lost the battery for a good 10 minutes. I accidentally called someone Pedro instead of Paul. (If only his handwriting had been better!)

I guess the good news is that I am now ahead of schedule at work and because the copiers weren't working for a while I didn't get as many bruises. Although Paul didn't think being called Pedro was as funny as I did.

Even better news though is that I have extra time to do laundry!

Oh, guess what else happened today?

Taylor soloed the T-6 airplane! I'm super proud of him! So proud, that I stole some pictures from his facebook! It's ok though, he loves me.
Here is Taylor. All by himself in a plane.

Yay Taylor!

After their solo, they are thrown in a dunk tank. I don't really know the details or anything. I just like this picture of Taylor. What a face!

And now I must go tend to the rest of my laundry. Which I love a lot less than Taylor. 
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