Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday?

Today was one of those days that felt like a hundred Mondays piled into one. And to make it even better, I thought all day long that it was a Wednesday.

I have been stressing all day to get all of my work done and thinking about the gigantic pile of laundry I needed to wash and pack so I could leave for Del Rio. (Is anyone really surprised that none of my laundry is done?) You shouldn't be. It comes out of a suitcase and goes into a basket until I am completely out of jeans. I actually thought I had lost some of the clothes that happened to just be in the deepest darkest corner of the laundry basket.

Life is rough when you have to share the washer/dryer with 3 other people. When Mom does laundry, my underwear usually ends up in Jesse's stuff and I get his t-shirts. Very unfortunate switch. So I do my own. And that's why it takes me 4 weeks to do it!


Today was long. Both of the copiers went down at work. I left my computer charger at home. I dropped the office phone and lost the battery for a good 10 minutes. I accidentally called someone Pedro instead of Paul. (If only his handwriting had been better!)

I guess the good news is that I am now ahead of schedule at work and because the copiers weren't working for a while I didn't get as many bruises. Although Paul didn't think being called Pedro was as funny as I did.

Even better news though is that I have extra time to do laundry!

Oh, guess what else happened today?

Taylor soloed the T-6 airplane! I'm super proud of him! So proud, that I stole some pictures from his facebook! It's ok though, he loves me.
Here is Taylor. All by himself in a plane.

Yay Taylor!

After their solo, they are thrown in a dunk tank. I don't really know the details or anything. I just like this picture of Taylor. What a face!

And now I must go tend to the rest of my laundry. Which I love a lot less than Taylor. 


Taylor said...

don't forget my sweet mid-air thumbs up

Cameron said...

Mary your blogs are awesome. i love reading them.

LBMM said...

Thank you so much Cameron! I'm glad someone is reading my crazy ramblings!

The Seidel Six said...

Ok I am super impressed. So, does this mean the 2 of you can just jump into a plane and fly down to CS now anytime you want? I'm sure the Air Force wouldn't mind. That would work out really well for us. Tell Taylor to make it happen.


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