A weekend to remember

Oh hello world. I'm back.

Can I just say that I hate that all of my posts start with the same thing? This time I've decided to just skim over the reasons I haven't blogged in a while as well as the catch-up. Bottom line: I was busy and didn't have squat to write about.

It's the Monday after an incredible news-worthy weekend.

No news of mine of course, I'm still boring as ever.

I'm talking about the Royal Wedding and the fact that the USA drop kicked Osama Bin Laden. But of course there is already an endless supply of reading material on both of these events to last us all a lifetime so I will just leave you with my opinion of both stories.

Royal Wedding: pretty dress. weird british hats. I'm sure it will be cool to tell my daughter one day that I was around for the RW but I'll probably be pretty useless for things like commemorative copies of People Magazine. Sorry kid.

OBL: I'm thankful Justice has been served. I'm also glad they dropped his body in the water. Can you imagine what the crazies (from both sides) would do to his grave? God Bless America. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones on 9/11.

I'm in the Rio this weekend and it's been a fun one. We have done a lot of eating as usual. I mean, I know we have to eat to survive and all, but when you're visiting somewhere it's like mealtime becomes more prevalent. I guess it's because it's a group thing and there are times and meeting places and carpools and all that fun. I enjoy it though. One of my favorite things ever is hanging out with friends. After orange juice of course.

I was also able to talk Taylor into taking me to see Water for Elephants. I read the book this week and really wanted to see the movie. Taylor is the only person I ever go see movies with so I knew this was my chance! He's the best bf ever so he agreed and we even got our friends, Craig and Angela to go as well. I liked the book better, but the movie was good too. Taylor even went as far as saying it was alright which is more than I expected from him.

After our movie, we headed to a Del Rio special called the Veranda. It's a wine bar type place with a patio outside and if you're lucky some live music. I fell in instant love with their Sangria. The music was pretty good too, minus the weird Lady Gaga covers.

I am terrible about transitioning into different topics so here's another one:

Yesterday I decided that I needed to clean Taylor's bathroom because, duh, boys are gross and I couldn't set my toothbrush down on the sink without second thoughts. It wasn't hard because there's only three surfaces in the whole bathroom but I must say it looks spectacular. Then I decided the toilet should get some attention as well. Big mistake. Do you know how old toilets in government housing are? Me neither. But apparently they are old enough to fall apart when you use a toilet scrubber on them. After it started disintegrating before my eyes, I remembered that two boys live in this house and probably don't really care that much so I called it good.

 Today I have already fixed the internet and chased some majah dust bunnies away. I am on a roll people.

Oh...would you like to know the biggest news (in my opinion) of the weekend?


Welcome to the world sweet Baby Seidel. Who, since we now know is a BOY, is going by Atticus Vic Seidel. He is such a sweet surprise and I can't wait to meet him soon. As Vic pointed out, LBMM gets to meet LBMA.

Congratulations Vic and Sarah! I love you guys so much.

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