A Few Things

Today was such a get things done day. I LOVED it. I didn't quite love the running all over town I had to do, but whatevs. Remember in school when the teacher would make everyone reach over their shoulder and pat themselves on the back? I totally did that once I was finished. No big deal.

I was doing laundry today when I got home from errand running and I noticed that there were like 30 pairs of socks in one load. Why do boys wear so many more socks than girls?

Also while doing laundry, I decided to be a nice big sister and gather up all of Jesse's dirty clothes in his room since he can never manage to get them into the laundry room. While I was in there though, I made quite the discovery.


He keeps his money in...a bucket?

Oh but that's not all.


Apparently he stores some in a box as well. I think we may have a future money hoarder on our hands. I wonder what his plan for all those $1's are though...

Remember when I said I wasn't going to take a picture of my sunburn? Well I changed my mind because my tan lines are too funny not to share.


Do you see the streaks on my upper arm?


Excuse the weird pose, but I wanted you to get the full effect. Only the top half of my forearm is burned. See the line? And it appears that I have fingerprints on my upper arm for reasons that I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!

In other news...

I cleaned my room today. It needed it in a big bad way, too. I have been traveling so much and I've been quite lazy so there have been like three laundry baskets full of clothes waiting to be folded plus a couple of unpacked suitcases and some dirty clothes thrown about wherever I felt like it.

Did I really just admit that?

I also needed to rearrange my closet and switch my winter clothes out with my spring clothes.

I've been showing off my hard work to my family all night. They weren't as impressed with me as I was though. RUDE.

My visit to Ikea the other day really made me want to add a few things to my room that I just KNOW would help my productivity. I'm going to work on Dad to see my vision as well.

I can't believe I have actually posted twice this week. I hope my get stuff done mood lasts for a lot longer. I love the feeling when I get a lot accomplished.


Amy said...

You are such a nerd, but this is why we are best friends.

Sharde said...

hey! your suntan lines are not thaaaaat bad. :) its a great story to share later :) get some aloe girl!


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