I am now an official Smell Rio resident. I almost can't believe I just wrote that last sentence because none of it feels real yet! Talking about making the move and actually making the move are two very different things.

Before, I was all..."OH EM GEE, I can't wait to be moved down here and get to see Taylor whenever I want and live 10 minutes away instead of 6 hours!" 

And now I'm all..."WHAT DID I JUST DO?"

I know everything is going to be fine, but there have been a few minor panic attacks in the past couple of days.

I never ever EVER do anything this gigantic without first having a concrete plan. I kind of approached this whole thing though with the "it'll all work out" attitude. It's really hard, but I do have complete faith that God will provide me with exactly what I need. So if you happen to think about it, I'm going to need big, big prayers in the near future.

My mom had a few things to do this weekend so she stayed behind while Dad and Jesse came with me to help move my things. The fact that I said goodbye to Mom didn't really didn't sink in until about an hour into my trip and then about halfway to Del Rio, I almost hyperventilated once I started thinking about the reality of the situation. I am now 6 hours away from my parents, I don't have a job, and I'm in a new town. I had obviously thought of these things before I moved, but it still hit me pretty hard once the move was final and real.

I kept neurotically thinking that something was going to go horribly wrong and I would have to turn around and go back home. Fortunately, everything went smoothly...except that the drive down here took almost two hours longer than it normally does because my dad and brother travel like a couple of girls. We stopped FIVE times. Mainly so they could use the bathroom. 

Once we FINALLY made it, we got all my stuff moved in and then relaxed for the night at my new home. Dad and Jesse left on Sunday after lunch and I was really glad that Dad held it together. I thought it was odd that he just said, "Ok, love you, bye!" and then left because normally he drags these things out and pretend pouts. I talked to him later and he said that if he hung around much longer, he might have lost it. He doesn't read my blog, but don't tell him I just outed him for crying on the internet. :)

*Being here is so incredibly surreal. I still feel like a visitor!

*Taylor and I are going to have to learn how to date like real couples. I hope he still likes me now that I'm here for good!

*I hope I find a yob soon. (That's job with a spanish flair. I think I heard it in a movie once. I don't know which one, but I liked it so I use it all the time.)

I already miss my family, but I know that I am going to have lots of fun on this great big new adventure. 

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Paige Bailey Photography said...

It will all work out. We will be praying for you!!!!! Have fun being with Taylor. PS I think you said you guys may be going to the LBK for July 4th and we will actually be there because our Lubbock Baby Shower is July 3rd. Hopefully we can see you guys. Maybe we can triple date with Ashley and Adam!


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