Surprise...more randoms

*Last week on my way to Del Rio, I got behind a dump truck carrying onions. Would you put a cover over a load of onions? I definitely would. Especially when the onions are precariously piled higher than the sides of the truck. The driver hit a bump and wouldn't you know it, a bunch of the onions started flying out towards me. I really wish I had taken a picture of this. I still can't believe it happened.

*I'm moving to Del Rio on Saturday. Which is TWO days from now. I don't have anything packed. I know where it all is, but it's not in suitcases or boxes yet. I may have to pull an all nighter tonight.

*Mom and I started refinishing a chest of drawers and another chest last night. Then we made Sangria and things got really fun. I was spray-priming the drawers from the chest and drinking at the same time and I somehow turned the spray can around and sprayed my entire hand.

*Remember when I talked about all the cavities I had to get filled? They're all doing fine, but I woke up on Tuesday morning and couldn't drink a glass of water without feeling like someone was drilling a hole in my tooth. So, I made an appointment to get it all checked out. I got there and the dentist said it wasn't a big deal and sometimes teeth just get sensitive. Really? Out of nowhere? I think that maybe we should take all my teeth out and start over.

*Along with my tooth debacle, I also woke up on Tuesday morning with a swollen eye. I have no idea what happened to it or why it started to swell, but it hurts. ALSO, my deadly-flesh-eating skin fungus went away. And then came back. I'm slowly falling apart. I guess the good news is that I haven't been beaten up by the copier at work lately.

*One day last week while Taylor was at work, I decided to eat a hotdog for lunch. I cooked it and then put my usual ketchup and mustard on top, but as I took a couple of bites I kept thinking that something about it I must have forgotten whose house I was eating lunch at because after I saw the ketchup bottle, it totally made sense why it tasted different.

*My dad got my mom a doggie door for their anniversary last month. How romantic, right? Last year he bought her a car and he knew he wouldn't be able to top it so he's back to buying things he thinks Mom needs. Anywho, he had someone come over to install it while I was out of town and then called me to say that the dogs weren't the least bit interested. Lily, our lazy dog, only wants to come in the door on to our back porch. Sam, our stupid dog, finally figured out that the door wasn't going to eat him alive and now he runs FULL SPEED in and out of it. I'm waiting for him to miss one day. My thought is that if Lily really needs in or out of the house, she'll figure it out.

I can't think of anymore random tidbits. I'll let you know how my packing goes tonight and tomorrow. At least this time, I can take WHATEVER I want and not have to worry about the what if questions. I think I'm going to leave most of my winter clothes at my parents house since it probably won't get below 105 until November in Del Rio.

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Marie B. said...

If your skin fungus is from Leo. I'm so sorry! I think mine is coming back too in one spot. LAME! Why is it so persistent??

P.S. Went to The Sweet Tooth yesterday (twice!). It is super super cute and if you're interested the lady said they are looking for part and full time. She seemed really nice! When you get here we should go get ice cream there.


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