My last "visit"

Oh haaaay, I'm back. Again.

I would apologize for my week plus absence from blogging but I've been hanging out with Taylor all this time and I had to use my time and brain power for other things like being more awesome than him. I can only be awesome at blogging or more awesome than Taylor. Not both at the same time. Too much pressure.

But moving on...

I'm trying to prolong my stay in Del Rio by creating this post. I've got to go back home so I can pack the rest of my things and then I shall make the official move. When I say pack, I think you should know that I'll just be stuffing my clothes into a couple of suitcases and taking my bed apart. I might actually leave my folded clothes in my dresser and just throw that in the back of the truck. I think it's a good idea, except if the dresser flew out of the truck on the way back down here. Then I would be without dresser as well as half my clothes. DECISIONS.

This past week has been so much fun! It's like I'm finally getting to enjoy all those summers that I never had in college. I may not be able to handle going back to work once I find a job. I'm sure my Dad won't mind me being a mooch for an entire year...right? And since it's Del Rio, it will be like summer all year long. I like this plan.

When I arrived in the Rio last week, Taylor was still working so I got to hang out with Marie and Angela some. I watched Marie paint for a while and then she had to go teach a class so Ryan and I decided to make dinner for Taylor. Ryan actually did all of the work. I just watched and tried to act like I knew what he was talking about.

That weekend, Taylor and I went to the pool with Craig and Angela. The lifeguards got all power hungry on everyone though and wouldn't let people be in the deep end unless they were diving and then immediately swimming to the side and getting out. Instead of being able to jump into the pool to cool off, we had to wade around in the shallow end with all the kids. Um, rude. The good news though is that I did not get sunburned. I didn't get any sun at all actually. I guess this is what happens when you REAPPLY the sunscreen. I only got the memo 22 years late. No big.

This trip also included seeing THREE movies in theater. We saw Kung Fu Panda 2 (which I kept calling Panda Express 2), The Hangover Part 2, and X-Men. They were all really good. I haven't seen an X-Men movie since the 8th grade and I fell asleep in that one so I wasn't expecting a lot, but I enjoyed the new one. The Hangover 2 was the exact same as the first movie, but in a different location. Still hilarious. Kung Fu Panda was good. Taylor laughed the hardest out of anyone in the theater so that's a good sign.

We also went bowling over the long weekend. Remember how much I've talked about not liking bowling in the past? I haven't changed my mind at all. The only balls I can manage to throw down the lane are the 6 pound ones, so the finger holes are made for infants. I gave myself a blood blister on my thumb and I'm pretty sure my wrist broke. It healed the next day so no worries, but it was definitely broken for a while.
Craig and Angela...much happier to be bowling than I was.
Once Memorial weekend was over, Taylor had to go back to work. So I did a lot of absolutely nothing during the day most of the time. I actually did a lot of running. Please, stop laughing. Want to know what a bad idea sounds like? Running at 5 pm when it's 109 outside. The rest of the time I spent hanging out with some of the other ladies on base.

Thursday night, Marie had another paint class that I FINALLY got to go to. I was really scared that my painting was going to be horrible and that I would have to throw it away before the class was over, but Marie was a wonderful teacher and it came out pretty decent. Taylor and his roommate Conor even stopped by to entertain the class for a while after he got done flying.

Thanks Marie!

Don't laugh too hard.

I was pretty bummed that I missed Taylor's first solo. Luckily though he had another one this week and I got to attend. After I watched him fly though, I was going to Marie's art gallery so I happened to wear a dress out to the flight line. As soon as I arrived, the wind started blowing 900 miles an hour. I tried really hard not to, but I still ended up flashing everyone. Taylor's friends were really awesome to hang out with me while he was flying and take me out to the plane. 
I was so proud watching Taylor fly. I held myself together because I didn't want to be THAT GIRL, but inside I was squealing. 

This was right after the flashing when Taylor was laughing at me. I kept trying to tell everyone that it was a bad idea for me to climb onto the wing in a dress, but they didn't listen!

This past weekend, we floated the Bean Dip and for the second weekend in a row...NO SUNBURN. It was a magical feeling. We also made two trips out to the Veranda during my stay. I heart sangria! 

This morning, I woke up extra early so I could make cinnamon rolls for Taylor and Conor. I found a recipe online that looked pretty easy and included using biscuits for the dough. They didn't turn out too great, though. The directions said to put them in the oven for 20 minutes and even though I only put them in for 13, they still came out almost burned. Also the glaze had the wrong powdered sugar to cream ratio. It just tasted like liquid powdered sugar on a biscuit. The guys said they liked them, but I think they were just being nice. I wasn't too big of a fan myself. 

So that's pretty much my trip in a nutshell. I'm going to miss being here this week, but I'll be back soon for good! I can't wait! For now though, I need to pack and get on the road.

Here's one more of Taylor and me. I think we're cute but next time I'll put some shorts on before I ask someone to take my picture.

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