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A couple of days ago, I counted up the number of weeks it had been since I blogged. Taylor told me that I'm not very good at this blogging thing and that I need to step it up. He's right. I just keep forgetting to get the pictures I need for my blog from his computer. Lame excuse, I know.

A lot has actually happened since the last time I stopped by. Unfortunately, the only people who read this thing already know all of my life events so you're all just going to have to relive them! Hooray!

So far in September....

Taylor tracked to the T-1 plane for his last phase of pilot training. Just in case you're curious, it's the plane in the picture below. Only a few more months until graduation! I'm so proud of him!

To celebrate the end of Phase II, Taylor's pilot training class had a big party. And those are the pictures I do not have. Maybe one day I'll get around to that. Don't hold your breath though. 

The party was lots of fun, and there was even a bouncy castle. I missed out on the bouncy castle though because it deflated while I was there and then was magically re-inflated after I left. Story of my life. 

The day of the track party was a whirlspin as my dad likes to say. I had a hair appointment in San Antonio that took FOUR hours longer than it should have. I know it had been a while since my last appointment, but I think that's a little excessive. Luckily, my friend Callen made the trip with me and we ended up making a crazy experience into a great day. After rushing back to Del Rio, we rolled up just in time for the festivities. P.S. I love living here and getting to partake in such activities! 

In other news...I got a job!

I will be a part of the Special Education department at the local Middle School teaching...wait for it....junior high math. 

My entire life has been spent avoiding math and now I am in charge of teaching it. Holy smokies. I am extremely excited though and cannot wait for my first day tomorrow! 

Other than the big life events like new jobs and new planes to fly, it's been pretty boring around here. I don't even have any fun LBMM stories to share. I have just been enjoying my time with Taylor, getting over a cold, and not doing laundry. This weekend though, I'm looking forward to taking our annual Canton trip with my mom! If only I had more money to buy lots of treasures and more space to put them in! 

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