Well, that was fun...

Taylor and I survived our first test as an engaged couple. We went registry shopping.

Is it just me or is that business ridiculous? I guess I should have thought more about how I want our future home to look like because once we got our gun, we had to make some big decorating decisions pretty quickly.

I have never thought about what color I wanted my bathroom towels to be or what kind of glasses I wanted to drink out of. It probably doesn't help that these are the decisions I agonize for hours over usually. So, you know, I was THE most pleasant person to be around while trying to make my mind up.

The hardest part was picking out dinnerware. First of all, DO NOT register for your wedding in the fall. All the stores already had their giant Christmas displays out instead of their regular dishes. We had like eight sets to choose from. Taylor and I both decided that we wanted something simple. No crazy colors or designs and apparently the plates have to be big enough for man-size portions. I wanted white with a design around the edge and the one plate I liked the most was the one plate Taylor despised the most. Oops.

We went back and forth to two different stores and after about an hour of giving each other death glares, we finally agreed on a set. Hallelujah.

The registry gun at Dillards was probably the worst piece of junk we have ever touched. It crashed before Taylor even scanned the first item and then again two more times. At one point, it looked like we had lost all of our hard work. And by hard work I mean picking out a hundred different kitchen gadgets. We would not have been able to go back and do it again. I would have lost what little sanity I had left at that point and Taylor would have decided not to marry me.

Speaking of the gun - Taylor wouldn't let me touch any of them. At one point I got to hold it while he inspected something else and I have to admit that I got a little power drunk with it. I managed to scan like 12 different things in a couple minutes time. So, I guess Taylor knew what he was doing after all.

We were both so relieved once our day of shopping was over. I like instant gratification and a couple of times I had to stop myself from picking things up and walking around the store with them like I was actually going to buy them instead of scan them. What a dummy! If anyone has any tips on things that we just HAVE to get, please please let me know. We are totally clueless! And by we, I of course mean me.


Sarah Montgomery said...

When Jeff and I first got engaged, everyone would ask me what my colors were. Not only did they mean colors for the wedding, they meant in my home that I was not yet living in. For the longest time I had no clue what they were talking about, but I didn't want to look dumb, so I would say random colors that I liked. Finally, Mom filled me in. :)

How exciting you go to register AND that you got to go with Taylor! I think Jeff was working the day Mom and I spent 6 hours in Target (I think 4 hours of that involved me taking each drinking glass out of its box and feeling it to make sure it was comfortable - Mom's idea, not mine) ;) Oh, you are in for a fun ride!

Paige Bailey Photography said...

haha we loved registering, but we also had someone tell us beforehand about how crazy/stressful it could be. Please keep updating, i love hearing your stories. Do you have a date yet?


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