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Oh my gosh I need to stop being such a terrible blogger. Sorry for my absence. I started a new job and it turned out to be crazy person overload so instead of blogging when I get home, all I want to do is rock back and forth in a corner by myself. I'm kidding. Really I'm just terrible at time management. Still. SURPRISE!

So it turns out that wedding planning is not lollypops and rainbows. I mean, I am way excited to be married and have Taylor stuck with me forever. It's just that I would love for that day to be next weekend and to have this whole thing magically done for me by then.

I am TERRIBLE at making final decisions. I think lots of things are great, but I have anxiety attacks about saying yes to even the smallest of details. I'm all..."BUT WHAT IF I CHANGE MY MIIIIIIND?" And yes, I do include that many "I's" while saying it in my head.

When I picked out my dress, I actually had a panic attack. I used to laugh at people who did that! Who knew it would feel like so much pressure. I tried on a dress that I was just so-so about and of course it's the one my mother started crying over. So...that made it easier to choose. Not. In the end, I went with my gut - and the one that has pockets. At least one of us had that "this-is-the-dress crying moments" even if it really wasn't the dress.

Also, I am petrified of something going wrong. I haven't had any crazy pre-wedding nightmares, but I do have visions of wrong sized wedding dresses and misspelled invitations. Perhaps it has something to do with control issues? Duh, of course it does.

I've found that the "wedding industry" is a crazy, crazy little world. I mean, how on earth was I supposed to know that you should order wedding dresses like four years in advance? And that if you are only going to wear something one day of your life, you are supposed to pay triple for it? These are the things that nobody tells you about weddings. And this is also why wedding planners exist. If I could find a load of money, that would be my first purchase.

I didn't really mean for this post to be so wedding-licious. In case you're wondering what that word means, I just made up a definition after I made up the word. It means that I took over this blog with all of my complaining about wedding decisions. So there you go. Go forth and use it however you please.

Other happenings in my life include a trip to Frost, a trip to Lubbock, and a lot of fun with friends in Del Rio. Not that Del Rio added anything to the fun, that just happened to be where the fun took place. I will maybe update on those happenings sometime in the future.  It depends on whether I lose my mind over wedding invitations. And I just brought that full circle so you're welcome.

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Brett Schmidt said...

I was like that at first because everyone wanted their input and everyone was trying to tell me I wanted things and I wasn't sure what I wanted. I finally just pushed it all out of my brain and realized it wasn't the flowers or how the shrimp were arranged that people would remember. It was the wedding. Not the reception. Not the dress. Not the bridesmaids dresses. The wedding of randy and me. The most important part is you and Taylor! The hardest part is done. You found the right guy! Everything else will fall into place. Promise!


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