Run, Run, Run

So. Running. It's definitely not my strongest talent. It ranks somewhere around picking dog poop up on my list of favorite things to do. So really, if I can avoid running, I try my absolute best to do so. In high school, I was lazy and got out of running by being a giant turd in athletics class. (Imagine THAT!) And then after high school and subsequent hip/knee/ankle injuries, I created every excuse not to run. I'll try to start up again every now and then, but afterwards all I can think about is how much it absolutely sucked. I'm just not good at running and it's not something I enjoy. BLAH.

Anyways, all of that to say...

I've decided to start a running program. Couch to 5k if we're being specific. My first "run" was tonight. If I'm being totally honest here, I wasn't that pumped up afterward. The idea is to alternate walking and jogging for like 30 minutes and then slowly work your way up to running a 5k but I got REALLY bored around minute 15. Plus, I dillydallied around after work and didn't get to start running until it was dark. Did you know that there are a total of 5 lights on around this base? The walking part of the program wasn't so easy when all I wanted to do was run away from the darkness.

I'm not posting about running so that I can be all, "Oh look at me! I'm running! I'm awesome at working out!" Really, I just want some accountability for myself. Plus, I paid for the dang app, so I'm going to USE it! Oh, and in case you were wondering (of course you were), my pretty new running shoes are taking some getting used to. I have a giant blister on my achilles tendons from them rubbing while I run. Hopefully they just need to break in. Otherwise, I have to wait 5 more years to start running again because that's when Taylor says I can have my next pair of tennis shoes.

If you want to do the workout with me, let me know!

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