A Reflection

Oh hey poor neglected blog. I could have sworn I had written a few posts in the last couple of weeks, but then I logged in to my account and it turns out that I made all of that up in my head. What a loser. I'll just have to do my best at recapping the past few weeks of events because that's what I do best. I just like to let things really soak in so I can forget all the important details before I get around to documenting them.

My last post was about my latest attempt to make myself the opposite of lazy. It went well for a whole week and then we had some serious rain and I got sick with a life threatening cold. Just kidding on that last part. Kind of. I'm always a little overdramatic about cold season so don't actually fret about me. I decided that my best bet would be to hire a professional that would kick me into gear. That was such a great decision. I am in a constant state of soreness, but I have so much fun with my trainer that it makes it all worth it! (side note: that is not a sentence I thought I would ever write.)

Valentine's day was this past week and even though Taylor and I usually do at least a little something, we both agreed that publicly professing our eternal love for each other in a few weeks would probably suffice for this year. I actually got him a card, but somehow lost it before I could give it to him. I also made him promise not to send me anything at work because I knew my kids would lose their minds over a flower arrangement. We ended up making sandwiches for dinner and inviting a couple of friends over before we took part in our weekly "Trashy Tuesday Teen Mom" night. Once again, we do it big around here for Valentine's day. This is the second year in a row that I have actually made it through part of the day without realizing the significance. I don't know why I'm admitting all of this to the interwebs. Even when I write, I go a little overboard.

This past weekend was our shower and engagement dinner in Lubbock. It's a little strange for me to handle being the center of attention. I don't ever know what to say or do and usually end up being super awkward or saying something uncomfortable. Luckily I had lots of family around to be a buffer for my weirdness and we had a great time at the shower. I was blown away by all of the sweet gifts and words that everyone provided us. I feel really lucky to be marrying into such a great community of people and friends of Taylor's. 

After we got back and unloaded everything, I really wanted to take it all out and play. And by play, I mean look at and organize somewhere. Having everything sitting in boxes is really going to stress out me and my need for order. I am so ready to finally be married and have a place for all of our things. Of course, that time could be as long as a year away so for now I just have to stare at piles of pretty things and dream of all the ways I can play with my new mixer. 

Our weekends are booked pretty solid for the foreseeable future. Lots of driving and planning is soon to ensue. We have been enjoying relaxing weekends of literally doing nothing so I'll be mourning the loss of my free time for a while. Up next is our shower in the big town of Frost! 


Emily said...

I remember being that way with our new dishes and everything! I can still remember (7 years) who gave us special serving pieces and things like that. When I pull them out, it makes me so happy. It's really neat when you think about all these people who love you helping you "put your house" together. Enjoy this incredibly special time!

Paige Bailey Photography said...

I'm so glad you blogged again! I have been missing it. We are SO completely sad that we cannot make it to you and Taylors big day. I know you will be beautiful. I, too, am very awkward at showers so I totally feel ya on it, but isnt the Lubbock church GREAT with showers? Anyway, hopefully we can see you guys soon!


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