A Good Year for the Leaps

Today is Leap Day. (duh) I can never remember if a Leap Year is the one with an extra day, or without. Now I know. I can't make any promises though that I won't stop and ask myself on February 28th, 2013 what kind of year it is. I can't even be counted on to have all of my belongings on me at a given time. 

What a perfect year for a Leap Year, though. It's a little breathtaking when I actually stop to think about the GIANT leaps Taylor and I will take this year alone. Our wedding is 30 days away. THIRTY DAYS until a new last name, the beginning of a life with my favorite person, and an unknown and sometimes overwhelming change. I hope I'm awesome at it!

Also, (as if that's not big enough,) we'll soon be taking another leap into Taylor's first assignment out of pilot training. (Side note: didn't I just write this post yesterday?) It's a little hard to let go of control and be open to whatever comes our way, but in the end, happiness is a choice and I'm choosing to be happy with anything. How grown up of me, right?

One month from this Leap Day, we will have a place to call our new home and I will be not only a wife, but Taylor's wife. Wow. I am so ready to get there! And maybe get to open all of our wedding presents.

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