Day 1

Today is the day Taylor starts Phase I of pilot training.

I am so proud and also excited for him as he starts this incredible journey.

This phase is full of lots of academics and preparing for Phase II which will be the time he actually gets back into an airplane. Taylor's a smart kid so I think he'll be fine in this first phase. Especially because he has so many great friends with him in his class to study with!

If it were me and I had all those friends in my class, I would most definitely fail out of pilot training because I have zero group study skills. I like to turn group study time into "what did you do this weekend" time.

Also, another funny side note, last week I had a dream that I was in pilot training with Taylor and I had no clue how I had gotten there or what the heck I was supposed to be doing there. I was so sad because I didn't really want to be a pilot but I didn't want to fail out either. I also wondered how on earth I was going to learn everything in the classes that everyone else had already had time to study.

Thank goodness it was a dream! I'd like to stick to being Taylor's cheerleader for now.

Oh yeah...back to Taylor.

Even though I know it will be extremely hard on some days, I know that Taylor will be fine. He's the coolest kid I know, after all!

Good Luck Taylop-goo. I love you!

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