Drop Night

Forgive me for my lack of posting throughout the end of March. It was a crazy, crazy time in the LBMM world.

I shall start with a story in pictures of Drop Night

We started the day with a party in the Flight Room. There were arm floaties...

Lots of baby holding...

And celebrating with good friends. (Our Drop Night them was Spring Break, can you tell?)

Then we picked up and took our party to the club where all the magic was set to happen later in the night.

We were nervous, but Taylor knew his mustache was looking good so it helped a little.

In the military, there's such a thing as "Mustache March". Taylor was the only one with a real mustache, but these look pretty good, too!

Each person in the class has a peer-made slide about them and the funny or embarrassing things that happened to them during their time in pilot training. In case you don't know Taylor, his was about ranting, sleeping, and loving Texas. Surprise!

They also have to stand up in front of a room full of people while they wait for their assignment and have a script read about them. 


Then their assignment/base pops up on the screen and everyone runs over to tackle them. You'll have to forgive all of the ceiling in this picture. I was jumping out of my seat in excitement as I took it. I was so excited for Taylor! 

We'll be traveling to our new home with this guy and his wife! Somehow Jocelyn and I didn't make it into a picture with the new KC-10 pilots. 

It's been such a long road for Taylor and I could not have been more proud of him on this night. We are so excited to live on the East Coast with some of our greatest friends and Whitney! We will be a couple of hours from so many great places to visit. What a grand adventure! 

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