And now I shall cover Taylor's Pilot Training graduation in pictures. 

We started the festivities with a flag retreat ceremony, but I just realized that I took those pictures on a different camera. When I remember which one, I'll get back to you with those. Maybe. Probably not. All the guys did was stare into the sun while we sang the national anthem and watched the slowest flag folding ever. 

But then the next day was the real par-tay. 

Taylor got his wings bright and early in the morning! 6 years of sometimes extremely hard work and he's finally an Air Force pilot! Praise Jesus!

Then we took about a million pictures. 

It was quite a windy day out on the flight line. 

That night, we had a yummy dinner and celebrated one last time as Class of 12-07. 

The T-1 guys after dinner. I almost had to promise them a round of shots to keep them in one place for this picture!

Someone was proud of his party sleeves. They are made out of robot fabric because Taylor likes computers. Duh. 

I can't believe we made it through the last 3 weeks alive. But we did, and now we plan on doing nothing but relaxing until we leave the Rio.

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i like your blogs mary


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