Let's be honest. It's another "random's" post.

So, I've been in a blogging slump lately. I have so many things to talk about, but having all of those events in my head means that I would have to mentally organize them in order to write about them. When times like these come around, I try to do what I am best at and avoid it all like the plague. I would instead like to take a nap, or eat a snack. Just like the last half of my thank you notes that still haven't gone out yet. They are all written! So I pass by their box and avoid looking at them. I can feel their presence when I walk by and I know people are judging me for not having them out yet but I just am so overwhelmed with the thought that I might accidentally forget someone or send someone a duplicate that I can't even begin think about dropping them in the mail without breaking out in a cold sweat. Seriously. My name is Mary and I have a few issues.

I've also been thinking lately about how much I should really be blogging about. I've read blogs before where people will say, "I would tell you that story, but it's not mine to tell." I would think to myself, "oh please. Shut up and entertain me blogger lady that I don't even know!" But now I kind of get it. Even if a hundred people were around for an event that happened to my husband, it's kind of hard to put it on my blog in my style of writing, which let's all be honest with each other, can be slightly over-embellished at times. I don't really want to be talking about Taylor's plane assignment or where we'll be living or what we'll be doing while we're there.

I like to tell funny stories and share pictures. Sometimes making fun of Taylor happens to work itself into my web of words, but I promise it's by accident. Really.

I think I have just realized that there have to be boundaries sometimes. Yes, some of these stories that aren't mine are told to close friends, but putting them forever on the internet might be one of those lines I usually ignore. I read blogs of people who write every day and even though I know they are only sharing snippets of their lives, it really feels like I know everything about them. I don't want people to know everything about me! I mean, I would be so embarrassed if you knew I ate TWO of the cinnamon rolls that I made tonight.

I believe that my train of thought in this blog post has been all but derailed. I might as well keep up the randomness. That last sentence perfectly sets me up for what has been on my mind for a while...

We are in such a state of transition right now. I love FINALLY being married and living together, but I absolutely cannot wait to have a house of our own one day.This week is my last week of work. After that, I will be making my Texas Tour seeing various members of our family before we make the big move to the Northeast. I am anxious, excited, nervous, and overwhelmed about it all. After this week, no more paycheck and in a month, we will no longer be living near our families anymore. Marriage wasn't the big change for us. THIS will be the big one. I think a lot of the stress comes from not having ANY clue about what is waiting for us outside of this town. I keep getting excited over decorating this invisible house that we don't have yet and then I stop and realize that we don't have a house yet and become overwhelmed about what kind of house we will find once we get there. It's a vicious cycle and I would like to once again point you in the direction of the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Blah. At least the military hires lovely fairy-like people who come into your house and pack up all of your belongings for you and drags them to your next base. Um, hello? I think I have done enough packing and moving in my lifetime so this service is so far my favorite perk about the military. Well maybe not. But all the other good ones that might be better are escaping my exhausted brain right now. Seriously, I am beyond exhausted and out of brain power on this Wednesday night. I came home from work today and literally passed out as soon as I sat down. I have officially turned into my mother. There's something about state testing week that sucks the life right out of you.

So in another turn of random events. I made these tonight. They were surprisingly delicious given my history of being able to obliterate even the simplest of recipes. Usually by not completely reading them and forgetting a key component like buying cream cheese for the cream cheese icing. (Not in this case. I actually succeeded!) Anywho, they were awesome and like I said before, I only ate ONE.

Ok, because I don't know how to end this post and because my bed is calling my name, I am just going to stop writing now and make this as lame as possible. You're all welcome. Please remember my story about my cinnamon rolls instead of this ending!

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